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10 of The Most Powerful Fonts to Use in Your Web Design

Are you looking for the most powerful fonts to use on your web design?

It wasn’t long ago that most fonts across the internet looked extremely similar. Who cares whether you’re using Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana for your website?

However, typography has since emerged as a big part of developing a web design that really stands out against the rest.

It’s important to choose powerful fonts that effectively reach out to your target audience.

We’ve put together some of our favorite marketing fonts. Let’s take a look at the top fonts out there.

1. Oswald

Do you want your web design to reflect the classic newspaper headlines of the high-days of the press?

Oswald is definitely the most powerful font in this category.

Designed in 2012 by Vernon Adams, Oswald is an excellent font for your headlines for blogs or web pages.

You can also use it for block text but it might be a little bit too loud for a lot of words. It’s a condensed sans serif display font that pretty works with any website.

2. Raleway

Another member of the sans serif family, Raleway offers you a lightweight version of the classic font.

Even though the original Raleway font was designed by Matt McInerney, in 2012 it was expanded and adapted by Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida.

3. Open Sans

Are you looking for a font that works for huge titles or tiny sizes? Open Sans is optimized for use on smaller screens and mobile devices.

Designed by the Type Director of Ascender Corp, Steve Matteson has created a crowd pleaser with this versatile font. It’s another sans-serif font.

It’s nothing too fancy and works perfectly for your body texts.

4. Lato

Are you looking for a body font with a twist? Lato is a powerful way to provide serious content with style.

Created by the Poland-based Lukasz Dziedzic in 2010, Lato is a great alternative to Opens Sans for your body text.

It’s easy to read and provides an air of professionalism to your website.

5. PT Sans

Are you looking for a taste of Russia in your font?

PT Sans was launched by ParaType in 2009. It was part of a project entitled ‘Public Types of Russia Federation’.

This combines the modern sans-serif font types with the ‘old style’ humanistic designs. This produces a refreshing font for contemporary web design.

6. Lora

Do you want a font with roots in the art form calligraphy?

Lora is a combination of the classic serif with the broader tradition of calligraphy. It was designed in 2011 by Olga Karpushina.

This is another excellent body text font.

7. Montserrat

Do you want a font that was inspired by the streets of Buenos Aires?

Montserrat comes from the urban typography of Argentina. Created by the designer, Julieta Ulanovsky, Montserrat is a bold font that it’s built for strong and powerful titles.

If you want the title to strike the reader Montserrat is the font for you.

8. Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a great font if you’re tight on space?

Playfair Display was launched in 2013. It is a condensed font that doesn’t compromise on style.

9. BenchNine

Are you looking for something traditional?

Another font of Adams, this offers a traditional woodcut type with rounded corners.

10. Merriweather

Many font types were originally designed for print-paper, but Merriweather is made for the screen.

It is available in many different styles from light to heavy. If you want a one-size-fits-all font for your website, Merriweather is a great choice.

Choosing Powerful Fonts

It’s not easy to choose the powerful fonts for your website. With these top 10 fonts, you can make sure you get the font that works with your web design.

Do you want to discover more powerful fonts?

Check out our website for more information on free fonts.

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