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10 Perfect Hamburger Menu Examples

Let us hasten to say that the hamburger menu has nothing in common with your favorite fast-food restaurant. More tech savvy audiences are likely to relate it well to the three horizontal lines on a globally hidden menu.


The hamburger menu is the technique used in the UI/UX section that hides the original file/navigation menu. It’s a huge boost when viewing a site, especially on smaller screens, which is why startups prefer to apply this button to their landing pages by using logistics company web design assistance. This menu is represented by three lines on the top right corner of a page.


The name hamburger menu comes from the fact that it looks like a patty between two pieces of bread. A website with a hamburger menu has a simple design and easier pilotage to get in and out of the website. It is the perfect way to reduce the file menu so that there is more space for the actual website content.

Best Hamburger Menu Examples and Design Inspiration

There have been many variations to hamburger menu website design. The icon dates back to 1981, when it was created by Norm Cox and featured on the Xerox Star website the first time.


According to statistics, it takes 2.6 seconds for a customer’s eyes to land on that section of a site that most affects their first impression. The hamburger icon engages the customers who visits websites with this inventive style. The following are some of the advantages of the hamburger icon, as well:

  • Increase in actual website screen size;
  • Easy to figure out where to find the main elements;
  • Similar design for mobile phones.


Of course, there are some disadvantages too, like:

  • Difficulty for newcomers to find the menu;
  • Extra click required to get to the file/navigation menu;
  • No shortcut and it remains hidden with less visualization;
  • Difficult for people who don’t regularly use computers.


Newer trends influence the UI design landscape to evolve, and hamburger menus seem to be a great choice for developers. So, let’s check out some of the examples that will show the modifications in the hotdog menu (another name for the hamburger menu):

Example #1: Agentestudio

Agentestudio is a website offering UX/UI designing help. Created by web experts, the website itself showcases a lot of trendy styles and designs. The team has carefully selected this hamburger menu web design.


It keeps the original three lines on the top left and the menu opens on the top in a vertical plane. It doesn’t make the client wander off into a different world and helps the client discover what they want.

Example #2: Newton Running

Newton Running is a website designed for sports shoes. Their hamburger remains on the top left corner which is the same as the original hamburger template. It has a bold variation in its animation. A new window opens up with boxes swiping from the corners. Each part of this box contains a menu indicated by different colors. Newton Running is an example of a bold alternative.

Example #3: DeModern

DeModern is an online digital agency. Their main goal is to provide advice on websites, mobile apps or virtual reality (VR). They help in making an impact on the general population by using digitization.


Demodern gave a modern twist to their hamburger menu. First of all, they made a brave move by using the swiping method. Upon clicking the icon, a window slides in from the left, taking up only half of the whole website. This transition is quite smooth and does not deviate the user from the website.

Example #4: Maecia

This is a French website that provides help regarding your site’s performance. Maecia also provides innovative ideas to set the websites apart from their competitors. That’s why they probably use the hotdog menu for themselves.


The hamburger design remains the same three lines with the similar location. But the interesting part is the way it shows the menu with various inventive graphics. All web designers must note this style and how it blends with the theme.

Example #5: Rokkan

Rokkan is a creative website that helps find clients strategists or consultants in the advertising field. Their motto is to be creative, agile and iterative. Therefore, their hamburger icon must also justify their goal.


The hamburger icon is just below the name of the website, which increases its visibility. It also opens a window halfway through the website. Along with the menu, it also contains social media icons.

Example #6: Zaarly Employee Handbook

Instead of providing a handbook to its employees, which would be pretty boring, Zaarly decided to give its employees a new opportunity to learn about their company. The handbook is an online website which provides all information about the company.


The hamburger style is funky and colorful, and allures the employees to navigate through the website. The handbook is full of animation and pictures, thus their hamburger style does justice to the company and the website style.

Example #7: Masi Tupungato

Masi Tupungato is a winemaking corporation by an Italian founder, set in Argentina. Their website has a soothing and calm look. As you navigate through the website, you will realize that they have definite categorization.


There is a similar component for the hamburger menu. When you click on it, a page with a black background opens up with the menu written in a clear font.

Example #8: Forbes

Forbes is a powerful media platform. The website also turns out to be full of bold statements. They have a clear statement, along with sub-statements and big pictures which makes it attractive.


Being on the Forbes list is a big achievement. The hamburger icon is just beside the name of the website and a new set of menus open up when you press the icon. It has similar animations throughout the website.

Example #9: Pinterest

Pinterest is a fun website to navigate through. You can find delicious recipes, workout challenges, dress styles, and other information. The hamburger icon varies from the traditional style here. It is just three dots on a horizontal plane. This example showcases a minimalistic style, and no animation opens up in Pinterest, just a small box with the menu. The advantage is that it does not deviate people from the main content.

Example #10: St. Louis Browns

St. Louis Browns is a baseball website that aims to preserve this historical team. It has animation throughout the website with a video playing in the background. The hamburger icon goes well with this theme, as it becomes a baseball when the cursor is hovered over it. As you click on it, text appears on the right with clear copy and fading color, which gives it a historical look.


These are some unconventional and fresh hamburger web design examples. Since they fit perfectly with their relevant websites, they look really awesome. You may experiment with these styles and come up with your own custom designs.

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