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3 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Code Sooner Than Later

Computer coding has become more relevant than ever, with technology in mainstream media racing ahead at the speed of light. As time goes by, computer coding only grows in need and demand.

With so much data and information being kept on websites, online spreadsheets, and databases, coding is not only necessary but essential to modern living. By expanding your knowledge of coding, you have the ability to create your own home page or even earn some extra money on the side. Here are 3 reasons why it’s a good idea to learn to code sooner rather than later:

Competitive For Employment

It’s no surprise that younger and newer applicants for jobs are equipped with a much wider range of skills than previous generations. Any advanced knowledge in technology such as web design and encryption is an extremely appealing trait to have in an employee. Coding is no exception. More experienced employers are not accustomed to utilizing such mechanisms and some businesses are even still working from the books and on paper.

By learning to code, you will add an incredibly attractive skill to your resume that will be sure to propel you to the top of the short list for jobs in no time.

Create and Run Your Own Website

Because of the widespread access the internet grants, so many up and coming entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses from home. From websites like Etsy to Youtube revenue, many people are dabbling in blogging and ecommerce to promote their brand or product. However, if you decide to pursue this you should consider learning to code not only for the skill but to save yourself some money.

By having the ability to run your own website, you will cut costs that might otherwise be spent on outsourcing for a web designer. Learning to code on a preliminary platform such as WordPress offers you not only freedom but also complete control of your site and design.

Freelance Work

Similar to the above statement, coding cannot only be used in your own business management but in others’ as well. Many new companies and startups know what they stand for and want to promote, but the inner workings of the business oftentimes require outsourcing. This is where learning to code comes in handy.

Many businesses will hire consultants on a freelance basis to work for them by coding and designing things such as websites and layouts. In many cases, this can be done remotely which allows you to not only earn a little extra money but to do so from the comfort of your own home.

Take a Course

Coding is a viable skill that can be transferred to many different areas of your life. Whether you want to create your own blog, format a script, or just want to have a job on the side, coding is an excellent way to improve your resume and build your skillsets.

By taking a course, you will be schooled in basic commands and foundations that will build upon your existing knowledge. Programs and courses in coding are done online and can be taught anywhere, for various levels depending on how much you already know.

Le Wagon’s course in coding is built to fit a 9-week schedule to cover all the basics and advance onto more in depth knowledge. If you advance enough as a student, there is even the potential to become an instructor yourself in a coding course or program.

Overall, coding is an invaluable asset to have both in the present day and is certain to be even more valuable in the near future.

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