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The 5 Best WordPress Themes You Can Use for Your New Business Website

With WordPress set to release their 5.0 sometimes this year, being ahead of the curve on trends can keep your business website bringing in visitors.


Design trends and toolsets form the building blocks of the best WordPress Themes. Finding a theme that fits your business and offers the best features will give you, and your customers, satisfaction and ease of use.


Don’t settle for an out of the box design, either. Many of the newest themes feature high customization and tool assistance.


Now, more than any previous year, getting onboard with WordPress and their woo-commerce infrastructure makes business websites easy.

Best WordPress Themes

When we say ‘best’, what we mean translates better to ‘fits the purpose’. The best WordPress themes will fit what you need them to do. A theme can be visually appealing but lack the tools and mobile layout to support your business needs.


So, let’s check out these 5 themes and explore how they fit your business needs and draw in the visitor.

1. LMS Course Builder

LMS Course Builder

A theme designed around marketing multiple course offerings, LMS Course Builder offers excellent visual design for any business offering a limited but deep range of products and services.

This stands as one of the best WordPress themes for its simple set up. The theme provides a complete package of add-ons that make sorting categories and setting up a shopping cart easy.

2. uDesign

Stark contrasts between overlayed visual elements and plain backgrounds make your content pop.

Give yourself a clean and professional look by keeping elements minimal and easy to locate. The design flow on uDesign draws the eye to the critical info and leaves out busy elements.

3. Themo

Themo Theme

A solid theme with a lot of innovation and creation tools. The Parallax Composer lets you build a site within a site for each page with mobile support. Essential parts of the site can float on top even while changing and loading new information in different scrollable sections.

Themo does a great job of pull out text for additional pages. With Themo it’s easy for a company like SaveRite Medical to remind a customer to subscribe and save on test strips without breaking up the flow of the page.

4. Salient

salient theme

A push into the futuristic/modern, Salient creates strong visuals separated into easily scanned portions. Perfect for businesses dealing in creative and innovative processes and services.

Content placement blocks show off new and old items with strong markers to make the site look busy, modern, and thorough.

5. Divi Elegant

Divi Elegant

Divii Elegant brings the best of WordPress 5.0 test features to life. The drag and drop dynamic page builder lets you move elements around in a live preview and has them ready to go the moment you click finalize.

The theme has terrific support from the ElegantThemes team. Finally, the layout options give suggestion on modern tends to take the guesswork out of theme choice.

Learn More

These may be the best WordPress Themes for your new business website, but they don’t exist in a vacuum. Design ideas change frequently and fast. Check back with our articles on themes for more in-depth information every week.

While you browse those, maybe you should also take a look at our logo design ideas. Logos feature prominently in web design and especially in mobile sites offering unique bookmark and app buttons.


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