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5 Most Helpful Apps Developed by Students

The mobile application market is perhaps the fastest-growing digital market in the world. In 2020 alone, mobile apps spending reached $111 billion. Based on statistics, it’s projected to reach $653.91 billion by 2025.

To take advantage of this booming market, some students have enrolled in app development and design courses. If you’re one of those students, then our list of the top smartphone applications developed by students will leave you inspired.

Tips for Students On How To Develop An App

It’s no secret! The mobile app market is too competitive. So, if you want to stand out, you need to figure out a unique app idea and be ready to put in your time and effort into developing the app.

Mobile app development might seem frustrating sometimes, but it’s can also be fun, especially if you’re getting it right. But it’s important you don’t get carried away so much that your grade suffers. So if you’re working on an interesting project that’s consuming most of your time, then it’s wise to pay someone to do your homework online in Canada. This way, you can avoid getting low marks and a bad overall grade.

The best Canadian homework service offers you quality service at cheap prices from professional writers. Also, you have the luxury of making a homework order from any place, whether at school or home. That said, here are a few college mobile app ideas:

1.   Create an app idea

Every great app is based on a bright idea. You can create your own idea, put a twist on an existing idea or improve another idea.

2.   Do market research

Check if competition for your app ideal exists. If it doesn’t exist, then maybe you have such a novel idea that no one has thought about it yet, or your idea isn’t viable.

3.   Write out your app features

Identify the overall goal and strategy of your app idea. Determine what a user will accomplish in the app.

4.   Launch a small but useful version of your app

This way, you will receive real-world feedback from real users. The feedback can help you understand what the users want. Based on the feedback, you can update your app with more features. Repeat the process over and over again until you attain an app that fits what the market desires.

5.   Create a design mockup of the app

This involves adding elements into the app to make it intuitive and easy to use.

6.   Design an app marketing plan

After designing the app, you need to a plan to market it to the right audience. Remember, there are millions of apps in the market, and marketing will give your app some exposure.

7.   Build the app

Bring your app to life from your design. You can build the app yourself, hire a freelancer, use an app builder, or buy a template and customize it. 

8.   Upload it to the App store

Make your app available to customers by submitting it to the App store.

9.   Market your app

Execute your marketing plan via impactful marketing strategies, including influencer marketing or running a paid-to-free campaign. After launching your app, continue to improve it. Release additional features, updates, and fixes for bugs.

Best Smartphone Apps Developed by Students

Mafuta Go

Mafuta Go is an app that helps bikers to find the nearest and cheapest gas stations, car wash, and food courts. Developed by Uganda students from Makerere University’s School of Computing, Mafuta Go was one app that represented Uganda at the 2012 Mobile Premier Awards. 

HBCU Buddy

HBCU Buddy is one of the apps all college students should have. It allows students to view data on every historical black university and college in the country. Developed by students of Spelman College, HBCU buddy won the AT&T Mobile on Campus in 2010.


MEANS is an amazing non-profit app designed by a 20-year-old student at the American University. The app links individuals, businesses, and organizations to food banks and pantries. It was the winner of the GW New Venture Competition.


MadPad is a unique music app founded by Stanford computer music class in collaboration with a teaching assistant. It allows users to create music from day-to-day noises such as screeching tires and banging garbage cans. Gizmodo, TechCrunch, and The New York Times are a few organizations that have hailed the app.


Developed by a group of Stony Brook Students, EyeCanDo is a life-changing app that won the annual Mount Sinai Health Hackathon in 2018. The app offers ALS patients and those with paralysis the ability to interact and control various features in the home. The app manages devices and smart home accessories by following the eye movements of the patients.


These brilliant students and their amazing solutions show us that anything is possible. These are just a few examples that have motivated young people to create amazing mobile apps to solve different problems. We hope they inspire you to create your brilliant app too.

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