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8 Graphic Design Upgrades Professionals Need For Their Computer

Are you unsatisfied with your current graphic design software and need to find a new program that improves your workflow? Are you always uncertain of new updates available for whatever you’re currently using, or feel lost in the times with all the new gadgets entering the market?


With the rapid development of new technology, it’s easy to feel like you’re using something outdated. Here are eight graphic design upgrades that any designer should be using to stay up to date, explore new possibilities in their field, and make working a lot easier.


1) Test Out VR

The world is uncertain as to where Virtual Reality is headed, but it doesn’t hurt to try and stay ahead of the game. Google’s Daydream headset is state of the art, an improvement over their Cardboard product that offered limited functions in comparison to Daydream’s visionary capabilities. Daydream is affordable and easy to navigate. Daydream is limited to Android, but other options like HTC Vive is mac and pc compatible.


2) Upgrade Your Mouse with Palette

This tool is designed to make drawing and designing easier by allowing the user to control the program by using a pad attached to the computer. Users can use the Palette’s buttons to alternate between different tools so they don’t have to squint as hard at the screen to find the tool icon they want to use. Designers can sit back in their seat and enjoy a new way of working with the palette.


3) Switch to SerifDraw Plus

According to Computer Fixperts, the main reason most users switch software to a different option is constant crashing, a leading reason for data loss. If you’re using a program that’s slow or prone to crashing, save yourself the headache and switch to SerifDraw Plus. Although pricy, this program is a worthwhile investment to check out for its dependency and easy usability. It offers the essential tools for illustrative and design work so you won’t feel like you’re downgrading.


4) The Microsoft Surface Laptop

This efficient laptop is a solid alternative to other laptops on the market. With a 13.5in screen it’s slightly larger than the MacBook Pro, and cheaper. It also boasts a long battery life and slick design. It’s perfect for anyone that works on the go.


5) Gravit Designer

This is a vector editing software that’s a new and cheap alternative to the standard CorelDraw Graphics Suite. Anyone that doesn’t have CorelDraw but needs to use its complex tools might want to give this free program a try before paying CorelDraw’s costly $500 one-time price. Gravit saves work via a cloud-based system, making it easier for designers to access their work without a hard drive. While CorelDraw is more ideal, this program is easy to learn, cheap, and easily accessible.


6) Use Sketch for Mac

If you’re a Mac person, it’s probably difficult for you to find software compatible with all of your devices. Sketch was designed to dodge that difficulty, offering Mac users affordable software specifically for their computers. This program is easy to learn, fast, and subscription based, making it easy to cancel if you’re unhappy. Sketch specializes in creating icons and interfaces for websites and apps, but can be used for other highly detailed and intricate projects.


7) Plug in with the Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Dock

This brand new, light and portable dock allows a user to connect several devices to a computer at once. It features USB ports, Thunderbolt ports, as well as an audio and microphone jack. It’s perfect for making all kinds of creative and design work.


8) Free Your Space with the FLI Charge

Stuck working in a space without an easily accessible outlet, or are you already all the available ports? The FLI Charge makes charging phones and iPads easier because you don’t have to plug it in. This wireless pad is small and easy to carry around. It will free up your workspace and keep charging cords out of your way.


All of these options are easy and worthwhile investments towards upgrading your workspace. These new gadgets and programs are taking the design industry into the future and making work easier: why not give them a try?




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