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8 Simple Tips to Make Your Website Look Amazing

8 Simple Tips to Make Your Website Look Amazing – So Clients Stick Around

Humans are visual creatures; our eyes are our windows onto the world. Our visual experience is so important, it’s been said we actually enjoy the taste of our food more if it looks good.

Bearing in mind how important the visual experience is, whether you blog for fun or whether your website is a crucial part of your business, how your website looks matters immensely – if you want readers or clients to stick around.

Most people make their mind up in just three seconds about whether or not they want to stay on your website. If you know the tricks of web development, like html, you can do it yourself. Otherwise reputable web designers, Leicester, or elsewhere, can really make the difference to you gaining custom.

If you want to gain clients – and retain them – follow these simple tips and tricks to make your website look better.

8 Simple Tips to Make Your Website Look Amazing

  1. Choose a Solid Font

The font is the first thing that gives a unified experience of your website for the client. Make sure you pick just one font – and be picky about the one you choose – to ensure a coherent experience for the viewer.

Content is the backbone of your website; so, dress it well.

  1. Background Matters

A background is the wallpaper of your website; it’s what gives your viewers an overriding impression of your content. Personalize it so you stand out, but make sure it’s not so cluttered that important information is hard to get to.

Think of it like a wallpaper – add a bit of personality, but let the other features in the room really do the talking.

  1. Use Large Images

Large images deeply appeal to our visual nature. Breaking up texts with large images offers a soothing experience for the viewer, making them want to stick around more.

It’s great for attracting attention to products or articles you want to be noticed too, so viewers who skim read can get to the good stuff easily.

  1. Simple is Better

Clutter is not what people want from a website. Although it’s important to have lots of visually appealing elements, space them well and move them down the page if you need to, so your website doesn’t make a viewer feel claustrophobic.

Simple is better because the spaciousness allows people to get find what they need to, in their own time. Overcrowding just puts people off.

  1. Make the ‘About’ page Easy to Find

If people are initially attracted to your website and your service, make the ‘About’ page easy to find.

Most people want to know more about you and your business – to see if they can trust you. Make sure there’s a clear redirect from the homepage to the about section.

A smooth user interface can make all the difference to client engagement.

  1. Have a Logo

A logo isn’t just something for your website – it becomes a visual identifier for your business. Make sure that’s it’s appealing to look at, and easy to associate with you by keeping it strong and simple.

Logos that are both minimal and bold are the most effective. Think of the most iconic logo in the world – the single ‘M’ that makes the golden arches of McDonalds.

  1. Use Icons

If you have a call to action – like ‘Send Me an Email’, ‘Leave a Comment’, or ‘Call me Here’, use an icon to incentivise a viewer to do it.

For some reason, clicking a button is still an enjoyable activity as an adult. Encourage a viewer to respond to your CTA with a nice, visual button icon to click.

  1. Have a Colour Scheme

One thing is for certain; most of us still recoil at clashing colours. Remove any chance a potential client will jolt away from your website by employing a colour scheme where everything compliments each other.

Remember, if people like the way things look, they’re way more likely to keep looking.


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