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Design Creative Inspiration Ideas Concept
Design Creative Inspiration Ideas Concept

Photoshop Can Do That?! 6 Examples of Amazing Photoshop Designs

Even the most talented graphic designers struggle for inspiration from time to time. You may even have a solid idea of what kind of beautiful content you’d like to create, but are unsure how to execute it. Luckily, the vast and wonderful world of photoshop is always there for some much-needed inspiration.

As a graphic designer, photoshop will be a staple of your work. Photoshop is the number one tool employers look for when hiring graphic designers. It’s threfore imperative that you have a strong knowledge of the full range of tools available on the software.

Even if you’ve been using photoshop for years, it’s likely that there’s still plenty you don’t know about what photoshop can do. The current CC 2018 version of Adobe Photoshop has literally thousands of tools and features, including over 1000 digital brushes. It can be an intimidating thing to get to grips with, but once you do, you’ll feel armed with almost limitless creativeness.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just wanting to get a better idea of what photoshop can do, scoping out some of the best photoshop examples online is a great way to do it.

There’s so much amazing photoshop art out there which showcases the best of the platform. Therefore, serious graphic designer should spend plenty of time checking it out.

Here are 6 examples of amazing photoshop designs, to help you out next time you’re looking to create.

Surreal Photoshop Examples: Crazy Elephant


This mind-bending piece, entitled Crazy Elephant, comes from a skilled graphic artist who goes by the name of Trygothic, and is a hugely popular contributor to DeviantArt.

It’s one of those rare photoshop works of art which showcases a wide range of the photoshop toolkit, especially the seamless background editing features.

Big Heads


This surreal and truly amazing photoshop art comes from acclaimed designer Christopher Huet, who runs the Paris-based design agency Asile.

Huet collaborated with a local photographer to take the original photo of two men hanging out in their apartment. He then used photoshop to distort the bodies of the subjects and change the dimensions of the room.

Although the image appears extreme, it shows how relatively few tools can have a huge impact when used correctly. He’s used photoshop to edit the subjects rather than the image at large, leaving the background mostly untouched. The result is maximum impact.

First Date with Alice

Let’s step away from pure photo manipulation for a second. This piece shows how designers can utilize their tools to create truly unique and original digital artwork. This colorful piece, entitled First Date with Alice, makes truly great use of photoshop’s paintbrush and blend tools.

The artist has clearly made use of some of the hundreds of brush tools available to give a juxtaposition of different textures and tones. Photoshop designs such as these are hard to come by, given that many artists producing work like this tend to rely more on digital painting tools such as Krita. However, this work of art shows that photoshop can be used to create spellbinding digital paintings too.

Leaf Boat


Half fantasy, half reality, this gothic piece of art from Erik Almas shows how photoshop can be used to blend the lines between dream and reality. Although this may look like a painting, it is pure image manipulation.

The original photo elements are still there, including the female subject and the structure in the background. Beyond this, Almas has made the most of photoshop’s image splicing tools to impose a dreamlike background. The result is an entirely different kind of image.

Also, note how the artist has expertly used photoshop to create a convincing reflection on the water below. This is one that certainly didn’t exist in the original image. It’s a great example of how you can use photoshop to create reflections and shadows which contribute to the overall mood and impact of your art.

This moody piece has utilized these tools to direct focus on the direction the subject is heading towards – to the ominous mausoleum in the background.

The Cover Up


This masterful photoshop example shows how you can utilize a timescale image on photoshop. The bulk of the image consists of multiple photos of the same location, just taken at different times of day. The effect of this has allowed the artist, Erik Johansson, to create a haunting piece which transcends time and feels like a moving image.

Johansson is a skilled Swedish graphic designer, who uses photoshop in his work to distort natural landscapes. He invites the viewer to indulge their imagination and dwell on the ever-shifting manner of the natural world.

This amazing photoshop art shows how precise and seamless the image splicing tools are. Although a relatively simple piece, the attention to detail is staggering on closer inspection. This just goes to show that even the smallest photoshop tweaks can have a hugely engaging impact for the viewer.

Vertical Turn


Going for something a little more nausea-inducing for our final piece. This is one of the best photoshop art styles out there, as it highlights how image manipulation can completely distort our sense of reality. This truly is photoshop as pure, mind-bending magic and a piece of art which leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

The piece, entitled Vertical Turn, is also the work of the aforementioned Erik Johansson. Similar to the previous image, this one is actually a collation of three different photos taken at different heights. When put together, the effect is an astonishing illusion.

This piece again uses relatively little photoshop. It is more an example of how you can use the software to cleverly combine images into one memorable work of art.

Learn More

To learn more about how great photoshop examples can inspire your work, or just to get some expert advice on graphic design, feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you might have.

The graphic design community is bigger than you may think, and we’re always keen to help each other get inspired and create excellent works of art.

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