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Best Ecommerce Ideas to Earn Money Online

Every new business has its risks. Although starting an eCommerce startup has fewer risks to be successful than opening a physical store or renting an entire office. Online or offline, both business types will require some investments if you want to get ahead faster.

If you run an online store, you can use the advantage of such platforms as Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram to increase your reach. The more quality reach you’ll have, the more traffic and leads you will generate. Also, running an online store gives you the advantage of working at home, so you can get more work done whenever you need it because you don’t have to drive down to the office.

To build a successful online project, you will need to use the skills you already have, like communication and website knowledge, and supplement it with experience you are going to gain while developing the venture. Here, we will share some eCommerce ideas for your inspiration.

Idea #1: Sell Custom T-Shirts  

With all the platforms for eCommerce like Shopify and BigCommerce that are available today, creating an online store has never been easier. Sure, it may take some time to come up with important decisions about the brand image, website style, and functionality, but it will take way less time than it would have decades ago. 

One of the products that have been in high demand for a few years is customized t-shirts. Custom t-shirts are great as a present, effective to make a statement, and a fashionable way to show off your style. Print on demand platform Printify has a step by step t-shirt printing guide that will help you start creating your customized t-shirts.

Using a POD service will minimize the risk of losing money for your online business. As the print on demand service prints and ships directly to customers, you need to pay for the pending order a customer has placed, but you avoid pre-ordering large amounts of goods. And when you have your website up and running, you should invest in some advertising to reach a bigger range of your target audience.

Idea #2: Become an App Developer 

Become an App Developer

Most people cannot spend a single day without their smartphones. Such a habit of carrying around the mobile phone everywhere and checking it constantly creates a big demand for mobile apps. These devices have become a big part of people’s lives. We have mobile device apps for productivity, health, socializing, entertainment, and learning.

People use the mentioned types of apps every day, and they create a great environment for app development. To earn money from developing apps, you can create paid apps. Just make sure that paid apps are worth the money because there are countless free apps in the Apple Store and Google Play. If you decide to build a free app, then you can make money from advertisements or in-app purchases, like coins that help buy improvements in a game. 

Another way to earn money from app development is to create apps for particular projects and companies. To find these projects, keep an eye on forums, advertisements, and Facebook groups that gather people and businesses looking for app developers.

Idea #3: Become an Online Style Consultant

Become an Online Style Consultant

Nowadays, many people like yoga trainers or style consultants have started working online, even though they had to meet clients in person before. But as the world is digitizing, the old forms of businesses are changing, and people in charge of a business have to adapt too. 

Style consulting is becoming more popular lately; for a couple of years now, you can notice new shows appearing on streaming platforms like Netflix based on style consulting. Also, you can see many Instagram influencers that are successfully running a business of online style consulting. By the way, style consulting is no longer a case that is interesting for women only. Nowadays, you will easily find popular menswear websites that provide style consulting services. 

Idea #4: Start Selling Photos

Start Selling Photos

If photography is something you both enjoy and are good at, you can monetize your hobby and turn it into an online business.  You have probably already invested quite a sum of money into a camera or a smartphone with a good camera, so why not earn money back to at least get back what you spend on your gear? 

One way you can make money as a photographer is by finding the people and businesses that need a professional photoshoot. You can look for your customers on Facebook groups about photography or freelancing, forums, or you can place an ad on Facebook, Google Ads, or forums yourself. 

Another way to earn money from photography is to sell prints of your photos; this way, you will be continuously making money from the same photographs. You can also start selling the license to use your photos for commercial use on platforms like iStock or Shutterstock.

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