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22 Best Free Music Players for Websites & Blogs

Most web designers and bloggers are using newer and better widgets to add the popularity and attraction of their blog or website. One of these widgets is Free music players. Web designers want to add more pictures and videos to their websites or blogs because people respond well to them as compared to the written content.

Furthermore, some bloggers also use little clips of their vlogs int their blogs to direct their visitors to their YouTube channel so that they can see the full vlog there. Similarly, the trend of adding mp3 or other kinds of music into the websites and blogs is also catching on.

Music Players for Websites and Blogs

Most bloggers or new website makers do not have a very stable investment plans. It is a common story of many bloggers that they stepped into the world of blogging by accident. Even most new businesses do not have much investment fund for anything that costs money. In such situations, using these free music players is the right way to go about web design and increasing the worth of your website.

Bloggers can use these free music players on their websites if they want to add any song from their music library into a blog post. Furthermore, some bloggers are also selling their own ringtones which they add to their blog and it is played with the help of these free music players.

Any new upcoming artist these days starts with either a blog or website about themselves or a Youtube channel. In such case, if the artist is a singer or composer, they use these free music players to add music and audio into their blog posts or web content.

The websites or big businesses can use these free music players. They can use it mostly for marketing a product or a service they are providing. If you have a website in which you showcase your photography portfolio or you have a website with your wedding decor info on it, you can use these music players to complete the look with soothing background music on your website.

Advantages of Using Music Players in Websites

Using free music players offers a lot of advantages to the bloggers and web designers. If the music or audio content on your website is good and of high quality, the visitor will remember it for a long time and will eventually return to your website.

If your work is way too good, he/she may even recommend your site to a friend. Furthermore, an audio content helps to keep your audience entertained and it keeps them engaged in the website so that they do not leave too quickly.

You can use free music players to add charm to your website and attract more traffic. In fact, nowadays, this is being used as a great marketing tool that actually works. We have enlisted a few music players down below.

They all have their own features which make them fully functional for their job. The best part is that they are free of charge and you can use any one of them you like without worrying about your budget.

Free Flash MP3


Effort Music Player



Embedr Best Free



Explain Music Player



Flam Free Music

Website Music Player


Website Music Player

Flash MP3 Player JW


Artist Free Music

Zanorg Player


Color Free Music

Colour Scheme


Colors Free Music

Music Box HTML5


Dark Music Player



Flash Free Music Players

Fancy Music Player


For You Music Player

MP3 Player


Free Music



Girl Best Free



Group Best Free

Music Player Slim / Extended


Jp Free Music

JW Media Player


JW FLV Free Music



Macromedia Best Free

MC Media Player

Download MC Free Music

MP3 Player


MP3 Best Free

XSPF Web Music Player


Record Best Free

Ultimate DJ Manager


Support Music Player



XSPF Music Player

Yahoo Media Player


Yahoo Music Player

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