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Great Side Hustle Ideas for Graphic Designers

Being a graphic designer nowadays is pretty great. The profession is in high demand, and you can make a lot of extra money on top of your regular job. Freelancing gigs on the most popular platforms continue to pour in from people all over the world. So if you are …

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Essential CX Skills to Create an Exceptional Customer Service Experience

Customer Service Experience

The secret behind successful businesses is stellar customer experience (CX) specialists. These specialists aid in improving customer experience, brand engagement, and client retention. The work of CX specialists pushes businesses beyond traditional competition aspects of pricing, products, and availability. Customer experience is the difference between okay businesses and great ones. …

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Staying Calm Before a Big Presentation

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A big presentation can bring out the scared child in all of us. It is an unpleasant image—rows of eyes staring at us, a large, hot screen immediately to the left, and the idea of being asked a question you have no idea how to answer. No wonder many of …

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