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How to Make Your PDFs Look Even Better

PDF is not just the most common format for online documents, but it’s also the format that can be customized without worrying your tables or images will go haywire if the receiver opens it with the wrong version or document reader.  However, the fact that most PDF files are destined …

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How are Transparent Stickers Made?

Transparent Stickers

Have you recently stumbled over transparent stickers and wondered how we can achieve such high clarity? Or are you just curious to find out more about stickers? We have got you covered. In this article, we will take a look at the components that make a transparent sticker, what to …

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How to Use Lettering in UX/UI Design

Design concept for graphic designers and design agencies services. Concept for web banners, internet marketing, printed material, presentation templates.

In simple words, lettering is the art of drawing letters. Using this technique, you can create unique inscriptions on paper, blackboard, wall, or a computer screen in any graphic editor. Professional UX/UI design agencies like Clay in San Francisco use lettering for mobile and web design. This post will discuss …

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Great Side Hustle Ideas for Graphic Designers

Being a graphic designer nowadays is pretty great. The profession is in high demand, and you can make a lot of extra money on top of your regular job. Freelancing gigs on the most popular platforms continue to pour in from people all over the world. So if you are …

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Essential CX Skills to Create an Exceptional Customer Service Experience

Customer Service Experience

The secret behind successful businesses is stellar customer experience (CX) specialists. These specialists aid in improving customer experience, brand engagement, and client retention. The work of CX specialists pushes businesses beyond traditional competition aspects of pricing, products, and availability. Customer experience is the difference between okay businesses and great ones. …

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