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Need a Home Builder and Construction WordPress Theme? Here Are the 7 Best Options

If you’re in the construction business you know how important a good foundation is.  You also know that more than 90% of people begin an online home building search online according to the national realtors association.

That means you need to be able to be found online by these potential clients. Your online business foundation is your website.

More than 30% of the websites online today are built on the WordPress platform because it is the most robust content management system that is also extremely easy for non-programmers to use. There is a plugin to add just about any type of functionality you could want.

There are also tens of thousands of Wordpress themes to choose from. So how should you choose a construction WordPress theme for your business?

We’ve gone through and selected seven themes that cover the range of those available. They also represent the functionality and use features that businesses like yours need.

Narrowing Your Theme Choices

Some themes you need to pay for and some are offered to anyone to use for free. In either case, the “theme” controls the look and feel of your website.

The color scheme and typography are both governed by the theme as is the way the content is laid out on each page type. One column vs. three column sections are determined by the theme.

Regardless of the theme you choose, it must be “responsive.” Because so many people are using the accessing the Internet on mobile devices, your website must adapt to fit whatever screen size your visitor is using.

Free Themes

Free themes have simple designs so they are easy for a newbie to put together. If you know some code, you may be able to change some of the basic options, like color schemes.

Because it’s free, there is no guarantee that the designer will keep it updated. As WordPress updates, if your theme doesn’t keep pace, it could stop working altogether. You also are not entitled to any support.

Premium Themes

The prices of premium themes are very reasonable. For a one-time cost that ranges from $30 to $200, you can have a theme that may include more functional or design flair than a free theme.

Premium themes include some relatively inexpensive options that come with many of the same restrictions as the free themes. Usually, they will be updated, but you may not be able to get any personal support unless you pay separately for it.

Functionality Through Plugins

What happens when someone interacts with your website is usually not a function of the theme, especially free themes. These bits of functionality are called plugins. They’re separate bits of code that have been designed to “hook into” the WordPress framework by a robust community of programmers.

Want to add a contact form to your website so that visitors can get in touch with you? That’s handled by a contact us plugin. Have a large number of photos of past homes you’ve built that you want to display in a gallery on your site? You guessed it. You have a number of different image gallery plugins you can install.

Some plugins are offered for free and some are sold. Like the themes themselves, the cost of the plugin is usually going to be based on the complexity of the action performed. Some of the higher end premium themes have the most common plugin features built in.

Construction WordPress Themes

You will find all of these themes specifically geared to home construction. There are big differences between new home construction and home improvements websites, or home interior design websites for example. Everything in the theme is there to show you how you can showcase your business.

You may not like all the images shown in the theme demo. You may also want to tweak the content to reflect what you know your typical buyer needs to see. That can all be easily done with any WordPress theme.

Look at the layouts, colors, typefaces and general flow of each theme to narrow down your favorites. Our picks included construction business themes that repeatedly show up in “best of” lists and get high marks from users.


This premium theme offers multiple layout options including four homepage layouts. Header options and the built-in Visual Composer (page builder plugin) give you even more flexibility to show off what you can do. Great for displaying architectural detail images, blueprints, and designs. There are also prebuilt templates for several interior page types as well. Get theme details.


Darna is a simply styled theme with five homepage variations and four header styles. Its Redux framework comes with several user-friendly options already built in including a MegaMenu, coming soon and 404 pages. It also features a one-click install of a complete demo site that makes building your website easier. Get theme details.


The Enfold theme features a powerful administrative area easy for both beginners and professionals to use. It also comes with predefined content, an integrated form builder and 2D and 3D Layerslider slideshows. Get theme details.


Kallyas is a massive, multipurpose theme which means it is used by businesses in many different industries. However, it comes with a powerful construction demo and several construction template pages that can speed up your website construction. Its drag and drop page builder makes customizing pages a snap as well. Get theme details.


Total is a “minimalist” theme. It’s a clean and simple theme layout with a simple services grid layout. If you have a lot of colorful imagery to use on your site, minimal design will allow them to shine. Get theme details.


U-Deign lives up to its name offering a choice of dark or light backgrounds. You also get to choose between 17 different headers. It features a three-level mega menu, so if you do a lot of custom work you can drill down to show clients their options. Get theme details.


Lightwire will help you get your site launched in lightspeed. It offers a light or dark background option, 13 header options, built-in video players and more. It also comes with 35 pages of demo content just waiting for you to customize. Get theme details.Get theme details.

Choosing Your Theme

You could literally spend days surfing the web nitpicking the options to find your perfect construction WordPress theme. Or you could select one of the themes above and have your site launched in the same amount of time.

Choosing a theme and getting your website launched is just the beginning, however. You need to attract the attention of the 90% of potential customers who have just started their home-building journey with an online search.

Here’s where you can learn more about how to optimize your new site for search engine visitors.

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