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Top 10 Websites to Create Magazine Cover

Magazine covers are one of the best way to attract people, so that’s why there are many people who just love to create magazine covers. In past if you ever want to create one professional magazine cover then you must need to have great skills in Photoshop and after it you will be able to create your desired magazine cover.

But now by using these simple drag and drop tools. You can easily do it within just few minutes. All you need to do is to pick a site that fulfill your needs and start creating your magazine cover. You can either create fake magazine covers by using different images or create any professional cover for your company, projects or clients.

Best Websites to Create Magazine Cover

There are many online sites that you can use to create a magazine cover but here we’ve collected some of the most popular and most used top 10 best websites to create magazine cover. You can take a look on these all websites and pick one of them that suit your needs.


If you’re the editor-in-chief of an awesome publication in any field, Canva has just the cover design template for you. And with our tools and easy-to-navigate interface, you can even customize it according to your particular brand of editorial savvy.


canva magazine cover maker


You can use edelpaper to convert printed documents like magazines, newspapers, brochures, catalogs, books or reports and presentations.


edelpaper magazine cover maker


Generate and download flat 2D and realistic 3D rendered covers in 1 click!. Our unique and robust rendering engine will instantly convert your magazine picture into a realistic magazine cover.


Magazine Cover Maker


With a magazine cover creator, you can easily make your own magazine cover in one click. FotoJet is such one that allows you to put your photos on famous magazine covers like People, Playboy, Time, Fortune, etc.


fotojet magazine cover maker

Funny Photo

If you ever thought of getting your face on a magazine cover, let our collection of cover generators fulfil this daring dream. People, Clamour, Rolling Stone, GQ and more – need for almost any type of glossy is satisfied.


funny photo magazine cover maker


Lucidpress is a free software program that gives you the tools to create and design professional digital or print magazines that can be published or shared with ease.


lucidpress magazine cover maker


Magazine, school newspaper, flyer, newsletter, catalogue, birthday, wedding: we have all the templates you need! And all of them have been created by professional graphic designers.


madmagz magazine cover maker


Make your own magazine cover! Be a superstar! Prove to your friends how famous you really are! All you need is a photo from that fancy digital camera of yours.


bighugelabs magazine cover maker


Magazines have been around for a while and are here to stay for the foreseeable future. To the joy of publishers, magazines are very popular among their readers who like nothing more than glance over the glossy pages of their favourite magazines.


photofunia magazine cover maker


Magazine covers, Cards, Postcards and Flyers can be customized with your own messages and images on the inside (for cards) or on the back (for flyers and postcards). Just click through to the product page and select “Customize It”.


thrilling magazine cover maker

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