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How to Draw Anime – Step by Step Tutorials Collection

Drawing anime is not a harder job but it’s also not an easy task because you’ve need to practice a lot and then you will be able to draw awesome anime easily. Anime drawing is favorite not in only young people but there are also some old men’s and women’s who just love to draw anime and they will also love to learn that how to draw anime with simple and easy steps so that’s why today we are coming with the collection of some awesome tutorials.

If you will just constraint on these tutorials then you will be able to learn that we can easily draw anime with squares, circles and rectangles. If you make it your habit and daily practice to draw anime then you will be able to draw very beautiful anime within just few months. There are some people who just love to learn 3d anime drawing, so if you’re also one of them then here we’ve also mentioned some tutorials of drawing 3d anime.

How to Draw Anime – Step by Step Tutorials

Below we’ve mentioned the different sources of drawing anime tutorials. These all authors are professional in drawing most beautiful anime, so you can check these all tutorials and start learning step by step guide about how to draw anime with simple and easy tricks.

Turn a sketch into a fantastic painting

Author: Traffic lights are everywhere aren’t they? No matter where you go, or how deserted the place is, the ubiquitous evil devices make their presence known, and for David Cousens, they always seem to stop him when there’s nobody else on the road!



Basic Manga Colouring Tutorial

Author: This one is the basic tutorial that covers everything from what do with your image when you first open it in photoshop and right up to filling in the base colours. So this explains how to separate lineart from the background, how to use layers, how to best block in the base colours and lock their transparency in preparation for shading.


Basic Manga Colouring Tutorial

Anime Girl with Sword Picture

Author: The next lesson we’ll see how is it possible to picture an anime character, to give a certain texture to metal in relief, to woolen clothes and to create in an easy way the background.


Beautiful Anime Tutorial

Coloring Anime Tutorial

Author: This is my 1st tutorial in This Cyberworld…. this tutorial is make special to whom don’t know how to use adobe Photoshop (any version) it`s a simple version ( coz its for begineer ) … you must use adobe acrobat reader to read these files. thanks to all who helped me in this tutorial.


Coloring Anime Tutorial

Colouring Anime Tutorial

Author: I promised I’d do a tutorial or two a while back, but never got around to it. so here’s a little colouring tutorial using step by step pictures from Penguin: Nathan.

It’s recommended that you have a pressure sensitive tablet, and Photoshop 7 or higher to follow this tutorial.



Manga Shading Anime Tutorial

Author: As far as I know this technique works for Gimp and Sai as well, but as I don’t own these programs… well, I don’t give guarantee on that.

What I can guarantee is that it works without a tablet as well, though it will make your life 10x easier (I use this technique with a mouse often too, so YES it does work.)



Wave’s Coloring Tutorial

Author: I finally finished it! The file is around 7 megabytes, but I hope it’ll be worth the download! I kind of aimed it toward Beginners, but there’s a lot of more “complicated” stuff in there too.



Cleaning up lines tutorial

Author:  I know that sometimes sketches are Never So Clean as they are in this case… I’ll talk about digital inking sometime in the near future in another tutorial. But this is for those who sketch cleanly or who go back and clean up their pencil sketch by erasing and redrawing the lines.



Drawing Anime Faces Tutorial

Author: This tutorial is a bit different from my other ones. I put a lot more thought and time into it. I’m sorry I talked a lot more in this one, but there was just no way around it


crys aanime tutorials

Drawing Anime Hair: Bangs

Author: I also wanted to say I’m really sorry if I disappointed anyone with making a tutorial on just bangs. I had 150+ requests for a tutorial on hair and I originally planned on putting curly hair, spikes, buns, Braids (French braids), Bangs, Long hair, Short Hair, Pigtails, Ponytails, Ofuku (Geisha), and Odango in this tutorial. But as you can see I only got to bangs. XD So I must ask everyone, would you like me to continue making another hair tutorial or move on to something else?


crysahair tutorial

Anime Eyes Tutorial

Author: By request… and because I had the images lying around from the last lightning bug girl tutorial.

As usual, feedback appreciated. I’d love to hear your own tips and tricks, as well as requests and suggestions for other tutorials.


jouleeeyes anime tutoria

Photoshop Cel Shading Tutorial

Author: Yes, I have a tablet. Yes, this should work with any version of Photoshop even though I used 7. Yes, I did it totally on the computer, but you can scan a sketch/ink and apply the same methods.



Tutorial Color Adjust

Author: This is an awesome tutorial created by Abuze for you all guys.



Tutorial for soft cell shading

Author: This is the tutorial for how to do soft cell shading on Photoshop, based on my experience. The version of Photoshop used in the tutorial is 6. If you use later versions, names of tools/modes and/or allocation of shortcut keys might be different. I’m working on Windows, so if you use Mac please change these notations as: Ctrl to Command, Alt to Option.



Anime art lesson Hair Tutorial

Author: Hair is another big thing in anime…
no matter what… most of the time ppl go for looks of the anime character, usually look determines an anime characters’ popluarity… there is only a few exceptions.


mayshinghair anime tutoria

Anime Eyes Step by Step Tutorial

Author: Finally, after countless requests, I made a full tutorial just on how I do eyes. It really is simple, after a few tries I think you should be able to do it (as long as you know how to insert layers, etc. in photoshop).



3quarter view Anime Tutorial

Author:  I’ve been asked by several if I would be willing to do a tutorial on how to draw my style.
I thought I’d start of with something simple… For me.. If this is too hard please let me know and I’ll start people off with the basics… Actually I think I will do a basic sheet as well as this one.



DN Tutorial: Anime Coloring

Author: A not-so-quick, twenty-minute tutorial on drawing anime–in my usual style (for both a girl and a boy)! Drawn in Paint Tool SAI.



How To Draw Anime: Usual Style

Author: This anime is specially designed for those who want to learn girl and boy anime.



A Digital Coloring Tutorial

Author: I have finally resolved to finish the thing this summer! Hence, I present to you Part 2: Clothing and Lace. This was done entirely in Photoshop, with a wacom tablet to help. I decided to change the tutorial format from text doc (what the last tutorial was in) to image, since I find that it’s easier to read and follow along.



Manga Studio Tutorial

Author: Manga Studio is an awesome program specialized on manga-art. Unfortunately, only few really know how to work with it as most people give up after a few minutes trying it. The handling is different from most graphic-programs, so you will have to change your habits here a little.



Painting Anime Tutorial

Author: This tutorial outlines one process that works well for me. It is certainly not the only method, nor is it one that will always work (some are more mechanical/technical in their approach, while others may be much more open and loose). Most importantly, the process is not meant to be followed step by step; instead, it can simply be used as a guideline.


Painting Anime Tutorial

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