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VPS Hosting Server

Everything You Need to Know About VPS

Web hosting is a huge industry with various types of hosting solutions available to run your online business. When you break a conversation about the hosting solution, it starts with shared hosting, followed by VPS, and Dedicated mainly.


Each hosting solution comes with their own uniqueness that helps website owners to expand their business idea internationally. However, the only thing a user must know is – the requirement of their website.


If you are a growing business having a website that grows with time and having huge traffic, VPS can be your good option for hosting. It is cheaper than the dedicated hosting and little expansive than that of its shared counterpart.


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VPS hosting


In short, VPS hosting is a part of the segment (one of many) existing in the virtual form connected to one physical server machine. Once you get the complete root access to manage your virtual server, you can configure the server as per your website’s preference.


To know more about the VPS hosting and its plans, click here hostinger.com/vps/hosting. A virtual private server constitutes its own own storage system, dedicated RAM, operating system, CPU, and other resources.


It works as a middle ground between the shared hosting and the dedicated one. If you are looking for more speed, steadfast service, and security at a cheaper cost then VPS hosting can be the ultimate choice to make.


How does it work?


In VPS hosting, all the websites are led by the isolated field of a virtual server driven by one powerful physical hardware. These virtual copies of servers are the result of splitting into multiple virtual segments, each providing an isolated hosting solution to the users.


The process takes place with the help of a structured server software that makes all the units to function individually. Even though there are multiple websites running on the same VPS node, the one that you own will be given a proportionate amount of resources.


The resources such as CPU, RAM, Storage, disk space and so forth are customizable in nature. You can set your own hosting priorities with regards to the resources. Therefore, depending upon your website’s preferences, you can choose the desired hosting package.


Comparison between VPS and Shared hosting


Let’s take a scenario of real estate here where you sell or purchase flats, row bungalows, and houses. Similarly, in an environment provided to you by the shared hosting, you are given a rental apartment by your landlord (the hosting provider).


You are using the resources like gym and community park which is shared by your fellow neighbors as well. Whereas, in a VPS hosting, you are provided the resources which are used by you alone. Technically, Bandwidth, RAM, CPU, and other resources are only yours to consume.


VPS vs Dedicated hosting


As mentioned above, VPS is just like renting an apartment while dedicated hosting is no less than owning a house where you have the full control over all the resources existing in your house. In simple words, dedicated hosting offers you the entire server with full management of resources.


These resources are entirely your responsibility and cannot be interfered by other users like shared hosting. While VPS is comparatively cheaper than the dedicated hosting, a dedicated server does not come cheap and is highly expensive.


When must you choose VPS?

Most of the VPS users lean towards this type of hosting solution because of the availability of plenty of resources. On top of that, if you belong to a technical background, a VPS hosting can be your best option.


The parameters mentioned-below will assist you in understanding when to switch to VPS;


A). Heavy viewer traffic.

If you are dealing with a huge traffic and your website takes more load-time than usual, it indicates that your website requires more resources to sustain the traffic. Chances are, you may get a notification from your hosting provider regarding the same.


B). Security.

Most of the time, shared hosting fails to provide you with the necessary security to keep your website safe from the malicious cyber elements. If you face something like that in your shared hosting environment, it is a clear indication that your website is lacking with the secured resources.


C). Complete root access to the server.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that shared hosting sometimes bug you big time with limited root access. It irritates a lot of users as it keeps them from making necessary changes to the server. At one point, you need more control with regards to the root access and that’s where VPS helps you.       


D). eCommerce Website.

This kind of website consumes a lot of resources which cannot be sustained by a shared hosting. One of the biggest reasons behind opting VPS solution for this matter is, it provides more security. Not to mention these websites deal with extremely confidential customer details.


How to choose the right VPS provider?


There are some deciding factors that let you know when and how to choose the right VPS provider. Here are some of the important factors that help you in this regard;


Factor # i): Proportionate v/s unproportionate:


When you break a conversation about a shared hosting solution, you couldn’t resist complaining about an unproportionate supply of resources. On the other hand, VPS hosting offers you a proportionate amount of resources which can be managed at any given time.


Factor # ii): Windows and Linux

Windows vs Linux


Before choosing a hosting provider, you must know about your preferred Operating System. Windows and Linux are the two platforms that you can choose. However, Linux is more important because it provides you with more features to manage your server requirements.       




Now, that you have ended up going through this quick guide, you are no longer a newbie. There are several benefits of VPS that assure you the growth of your website. However, you must know the specifications of your business before choosing the right VPS plan.    


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