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MacBook Tips for Graphic Designers

Excellent MacBook Tips for Graphic Designers

It is no surprise to see so many graphic designers and other freelancers pick a MacBook as their work computer. A sleek design and light weight, in addition to neat features, make your work quite flexible. If you want to change the location, you can grab the MacBook and go to a local library or cafe and improve your productivity thanks to the change of scenery.

On the other hand, if a graphic designer has been using Windows for a while, the period of adjusting to macOS may take longer than they wish. When it comes to work, one wants to master their tools as fast as possible for efficiency. If you are in a similar position, this article should be an excellent reference to use.


Master the Basics

Start by mastering the basics. While you will likely use specific design software, for the most part, it would still be worth your while to learn how to make a gif on mac, add text to images, or convert files to different formats. 

Knowing how to take care of some basic design processes without loading software like Photoshop might save you some time.


Take Advantage of Available Tools

MacBook in Dark

There are quite a few neat applications on the official App Store you can use to improve work productivity. For instance, time-tracking software that sends you reminders about deadlines and when to take a break. 

Another example could be Magnet, an app that lets you arrange the computer’s screen and make the most out of it despite working across multiple windows or tabs simultaneously. 

At the same time, you should also keep tabs on notifications that might be coming from these tools. If you wish to not receive random reminders that pop up and disrupt your workflow, make some adjustments in the Notification Center on your MacBook.


Connect iPad

The Catalina OS version introduced the sidecar feature that allows MacBook owners to connect an iPad and have it as the second screen. 

As a graphic designer, you should benefit from the feature quite a bit. Instead of relying on a single screen and switching tabs consistently, you can use your Mac as the primary screen and turn an iPad into a screen for references or other important work information. 


Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

macOS has a different set of keyboard shortcuts, and the whole list is available on the official Apple website. However, memorizing every shortcut makes little sense, right? Instead, focus on the ones that would help the most. For graphic designers, some of the recommended MacBook keyboard shortcuts include:

  • Command + W to close a tab
  • Command + F3 to switch to the desktop
  • Option + drag to duplicate a file or folder
  • Command + Option + D to show and hide the Dock
  • Command + Shift + 3 and Command + Shift + 4 to take a screenshot


Take Care of Scratch Disk

If you use Photoshop for side hustles or regular work, you are likely to encounter a warning message about having a full scratch disk. This happens because Photoshop creates temporary files. And once it reaches a certain point, the system will send warnings.

To deal with the issue, you will need to remove the clutter regularly using a cleanup utility tool. Deleting other computer files just to make space for the temporary Photoshop data is not a good approach because you will run into the same problem eventually anyway.


Back up Work Files

Another important aspect concerning your work is data backups. Many people are reluctant to create file copies because they trust their computer. However, if something happens to the hardware or the system gets attacked by malware, there is no telling whether you can restore data. Losing important work files is not ideal, right?

As a MacBook owner, you can pay a monthly fee to back up data on iCloud. Ten dollars a month gets you as much as 2TB of total storage. 

Or, as an alternative, you could also get an external hard drive and use the Time Machine tool to back up and keep files in an HDD.


Declutter Desktop

A cluttered desktop can be quite distracting, not to mention that it is a hindrance to the overall computer performance. 

You should aim to have few or no documents or app shortcuts on the desktop. Instead, keep them on the Dock or another location.

Speaking of the Dock, if you prefer, you could change its location. Instead of the bottom of the screen, you can move the Dock to the left or the right side.


Maintain Mac in Good Condition

The last bit of advice is about keeping Mac in good condition. You should have fewer problems and distractions so long as the computer is performing optimally. 

Some of the examples of maintenance include limiting background applications, cleaning the dust inside, checking and removing potential malware and other threats.

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