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Features That Make A Great Website

These days every business needs a website to stay competitive—but not just any website. A bad site can hurt your company more than it helps. So, what features make a website great?


Easy To Navigate

In addition to the obvious point of being visually pleasing, your website must be easy for new users or potential clients to navigate. If it is difficult for them to find what they are looking for, and they don’t understand what links to click or what is offered, they will quickly lose interest and go to another website. This will also hurt your rankings in Google searches or any other search engine.


Structure your website so that the information is easy to follow and understand by a new viewer. If everything looks out of order or doesn’t seem to line up succinctly with the previous information with clear tabs or smooth transitions, it will lose the interest of the viewer. Make sure that the website has special access to on-screen readers for the visually impaired so you can reach a wider audience.


Mobile Usability

Your website needs to function on a mobile device. With most consumers using their phone more than they use a laptop or computer, your website will be limited in reach otherwise. Test your site to see if it is compatible with mobile devices and get help from website developers if it is glitching or not performing properly in any way.


Local SEO

If your focus is to reach your local market because you provide a service that is only accessible in a particular area, find a local web developer to help you with your site. For example, if you live in Seattle, get in touch with a Seattle web design agency. They will understand the area and the market better than a business overseas or across the country. It will also be easier to explain any issues that you’ve had in the past because they’ve most likely solved similar problems for previous clients.



Check the speed of your website and make sure that it never takes more than a few seconds to load. The patience of the everyday user when visiting a site has significantly dropped, and they will take the time to find a competitor’s site rather than wait for your site to load. Eliminate any unnecessary third-party links that may slow down your website.


Browser Compatibility

Make sure your website looks the same on multiple different browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). Using simple HTML or JavaScript for the coding tends to be safe for various browsers. Make your headers and footers are informative without being too cluttered with a bunch of information.


Up Time And Function

If there is ever an error with the website, make sure it is resolved immediately so that your website is down for the least amount of time possible. Examine all the contrasting colors with the background, the text, and the general layout of the website so that it never strains the eyes and makes it easy for users to continue viewing your site. Every form or piece of information on the website should be properly edited and detailed to be as clear and concise as possible for the readers.

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