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The Power of Fonts
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Font Psychology: The Power of Fonts

Have you ever wondered how companies choose the font they use in their logos? It may seem arbitrary at first, but font has a lot to do with what a company wants to convey. Messages can be relayed in the font styles we use, from trustworthiness to professionalism to silliness, working in a similar way to how colors evoke emotions.

Knowing which font style to use for different situations, logos, or websites can help you reach your target audience and get your message across more effectively. If you’d like to learn more about font psychology, follow along! We’ll give you a list of the most popular fonts and what they evoke in readers.

Font Psychology 101

1. Serif Fonts

Serif fonts convey tradition and knowledge and are seen as respectable and stable. They make audiences feel comfortable and like they are in the hands of someone reputable. In this font family, we find Times New Roman, which signifies tradition, Baskerville, which conveys reliability, and Georgia Italic, which makes readers feel comfortable. Fun fact, Google’s logo font is a Serif font.

2. Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif fonts are seen as simple and straightforward. They aren’t overly professional, but rather clean and to-the-point. They allow the message to speak for itself and are therefore widely used in digital media. In this font family, we find Helvetica, Calibri, Caviar Dreams, Franklin Gothic, and many others.

3. Script Fonts

Script fonts and other similar handwritten fonts evoke feelings of elegance, femininity, and grace. Since handmade things tend to be more personal than purely digital media, people often view script fonts as being more genuine, personal, and creative. In this font family, we find Bickham Script, Edwardian Script, Lavanderia, Carrington, and many others.

4. Display Fonts

Display fonts are intended to be displayed in large manners, so it’s no surprise that they were designed to catch your eye and draw large audiences. These fonts are seen as playful, friendly, and quirky. They may not be the best for a professional business, but they are definitely appropriate for blogs, flyers, or anything fin-related.

In this font family, we find Cooper, Valencia, Giddyup, Bigfish, Spaceage Round, and many others!

5. Modern Fonts

Modern fonts are all the rage right now. They are seen as progressive, forward-thinking, and trendy because of their futuristic and sleek designs. Companies use these types of font to evoke a sense of the future and what it may have in store, so they are incredibly popular among technology brands and video streaming services like Hulu.

In this font family, we find Futura, Century Gothic, Prototype, and many others.

Wrapping Up

Fonts can be a fun way to connect with a reader or a customer. They evoke certain feelings about your company and immediately paint a picture of what you may bring to the table. That is why it’s so important to pick the right font and stick with it.

If you enjoyed learning about font psychology and would like to see more, check us out! We have everything and anything you might need when it comes to design and web development, including free fonts!

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