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Helpful Node.js Resources

There are a huge number of options for those interested in learning more about Node.js, whether they are complete beginners or highly experienced Node.js developers looking to upskill or stay up to date with professional app development.

Whether free or paid, it’s worth regularly taking the time to see what resources are out there. You might currently be looking at free options but investment in training can soon mean greater earning potential, so it’s also worth considering paid courses, especially if you’re looking for specific, bankable, work based skills. If this isn’t an option right now, remember to check out free trials and trial periods, as well as exploring any grants, tax deductibles and employer funded training schemes that may be available in your area.

Getting Started at Node.js

As always, we suggest starting at the very beginning with the Node.js website.

This ‘Getting Started’ guide at Node.js will walk you through the concepts behind Node from the very beginning, right from the point of installation. Further guides are packed with useful tips and of course the site offers links to get involved with the large and active Node.js development community, including developer forums, social media and even links to Node’s country specific international community sites and projects.

In depth courses at reasonable prices 

The Hackr.io site offers links to a wide variety of free and paid courses for all budgets and abilities at . For example, we quickly found a link to ‘The Complete Node.js Developer Course (2nd Edition)’ at Udemy.com. Currently on offer at around ten pounds, reduced from £84.99 (prices do vary and are not guaranteed). Last updated in May 2018, the course covers the fundamentals by way of real world example projects, meaning that it’s possible to gain actual practical experience of the concepts. Topics are broken down into individual short lectures, allowing learners to ensure complete understanding of a topic before moving onto the next step. Best of all, the author is regularly active in the Question and Answer sessions, so you’ll never be tempted to just abandon the course if you get really stuck at any stage.

Free tutorials with the open source community 

Alternatively, for the cash strapped learner, open source community learning project ‘Node School’ offers interactive tutorials and workshops in several languages, with a thriving global community of users and workshoppers. Their Workshoppers section provides loads of links to free, self-guided Node tutorials  which cover everything from core skills, basics and real world example applications, and helpfully, many of them are available to work on offline. Of course there are links to the NodeSchool discussion forum for questions and queries, so you’re never alone. It’s worth noting that all their workshops are written in Node, but aren’t necessarily always about Node, making this a very useful resource for a variety of interests.

Local events

Node School also facilitate a global community of event hosts, which means it’s likely that there may be real world events and the opportunity to join a local learning community in your area. They claims to have hosted events in every country except Antarctica, and if there’s nothing current happening in your country you can apply for their support to host NodeSchool events yourself.

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