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How Long Tail Keywords Help To Get Tons Of Search Traffic

Long tail keywords are search phrases. They are relevant to the service, niche, product or service. They are one of the unpopular SEO techniques to invite traffic. Therefore has low competition level. A keyword should have more than 3 words to fall under the category of long tail keyword.

Secrets To Increase The Traffic By Using Long Tail Keywords For SEO


It outranks other techniques for the following reasons

  • The content about the long tail keywords is less as compared to other techniques. When the content is less, competition is less. Therefore other pages can be easily beaten
  • Helps to get a specific target. As the long term keywords are more niche specific, explaining the service or product a bit deeper, it gives a specific search result rather than a generic. For instance, the long term key word ‘education books for children’ brings only studies related kids book and omits all other adult, fiction, drama, novel, suspense, cook book, etc.
  • It also helps to win in local searches as well

Context to the Content

The top search engines like Google have always encouraged contextual search. So when people type on the search bar, it provides meaningful options with extended phrases of the typed words. Most people tend to select the options rather than typing the entire text. Therefore a long tail keyword page has better visibility in the search page.

Better Conversion Rates

Conversion rate is the number of visitors to a website that complete the desired goal. The goal of the website may be purchasing a t-shirt, spinning a wheel, registering to play rummy, subscribe for a news update, etc. As the long tail key word brings targeted audience, who are already searching for the exact thing, get highly satisfied. This increases the conversion rate.

Can Be Disastrous

When the long tail keywords are not chosen right, they can be disastrous. For instance “How to plan a trip if busy”. This keyword has 2 parts of information that are in very bad phrase. The first part would list the travel websites, tour packages, hotel bookings, etc. The second part would provide generic content that is work related, tackling busy work, business tips, etc. Therefore this long tail keyword might hardly appear in 10 searches.

Therefore one should be very cautious in choosing the long tail keywords.

Benefits Of Long Tail Keywords

  • They are more descriptive telling people more about the content. So is best suited for smaller pool of audience
  • The competition is very less
  • They are easier to write content. This is because they naturally fit in the content.

Where To Start Looking For Long Tail Keywords?

            It is good to start developing the long tail keywords using search engines. Type the first 2 words of the topic, the engine will provide options. Select the most catchy and popular phrases and words together.

With the above tips and guide, one can start to select their most suitable long tail keywords for SEO.

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