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How to Draw a Cartoon

How to Draw a Cartoon: 30+ Design Tutorials & Resources

In this age of advanced web design, every web designer wants to know how to draw a cartoon. And, for good reasons. Cartoons come in handy in web design for websites and blogs both alike. Furthermore, they are useful for the entertainment of the visitors.

Web owners and designers are always on a lookout for drawing tutorials. As a matter of fact, most people aim to learn how to use Photoshop before diving into the world of web making. Specifically, if you want to know how to draw a cartoon, there are plenty of tutorials on the web to choose from.

These cartoons can serve as the brand recognition. Such as, most brands and websites have a cartoon as their representative for it is a great way of getting attention in the industry. Indeed, people tend to remember visual cues more than Written or verbal ones. Thus, having a cartoon for your brand ambassador is a great way to get recognition for the potential buyers.

Furthermore, if you know how to draw a cartoon, you can make an avatar for yourself. For example, it is quite useful for bloggers since their avatar is the way people remember them. Additionally, this avatar creates a more casual effect to the site which makes the visitors more attentive and comfortable.

How to Draw a Cartoon – Tutorials & Examples

It is not necessary to have a cartoon image of yourself. Additionally, there are other options available too like getting a cartoon for other objects. Alternately, you can learn how to draw a cartoon of animals or animated objects. Surely, cartoons can certainly become the brand symbol for your company or website. For instance, KFC has the cartoon of their creator.

To point out, designers can also use tutorials to make cartoons if their website is about design. Also, designers namely graphic designer or artist can use them to make cartoons for their portfolios. Like that, this portfolio holds the attention of every visitor and gives them an overview of what the site has to offer.

Below is the list of few places where you can learn how to make a cartoon from. There the ample number of tutorials on the internet that you can take aid from.

Original Pin-Up Girl Tutorial


Pinup Girl Tutorial

Chracter Mascot Tutorial


Artist How to Draw

Lebron James Cartoon


Athlete How to Draw

Face Of Grumpy Bear


Awesome to Draw

Cartoon Bug Tutorial


Bee How to Draw

Video Game Chracter


Boxer How to Draw

Cute Bunny Vector Chracter


Bunny to Draw

Chracter With Expressive Lines


cartoon Draw a Cartoon

Cartoon Duck Chracter Illustration


cartoon duck Draw a Cartoon

Killer Chainsaw Bunny Illustration


Champion to Draw

Chinese New Year Zodiac


chinese Draw a Cartoon 3D Vector Roboot


cute 3d Draw a Cartoon

Cute Baby Seal With Illustration


cute baby Draw a Cartoon

Killer Emmo Dude


cute emo Design Tutorial

Furry Vector Monstor Illustration


cute furry Design Tutorial

Cute Hippo Chracter


cute hippo Design Tutorial

Happy Drummer Adobe Illustration


Drummetr How to Draw

Drunken Monkey Illustration


drunken Design Tutorial

Drawing A Face Character Illustration


ELGF Draw a Cartoon

Fat Cat Vector Illustration


Evill How to Draw

Zombei Flesh Eater Illustration


Evil to Draw

Fantacy Character In Illustrator


fantasy Design Tutorial

Flying Bat Ghost


flying bat ghost Design Tutorial

Boomrock Saints


Friends to Draw

Simple Cartoon Character


Guava to Draw

Create a Simple Hippo Face


Look to Draw

Magician Character


Magician Draw a Cartoon

Create Your Own Monster


monster Draw a Cartoon

Drawing a Cartoon Dude


Nude to Draw

Panda Cartoon


PAnda How to Draw

Penguin Cartoon


penguin cartoon Design Tutorial

Pirate Character In Photoshop


Pirates to Draw

Vector Billby Character


Rabit to Draw

Minion Character


BAd How to Draw

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