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How to Get the Best Photography Website Ideas

Everyone with a decent smartphone or DSLR fancies themselves a photographer, these days.


They’re not wrong in doing so. With the tools at our disposal, even hobbyist photographers can take truly groundbreaking photos!


Recently, The Washington Post ran a photography contest for amateur photographers. The results are revelatory, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that you don’t have to be rich to produce high-quality photography.


With 77% of Americans owning a smartphone in 2018, the number of aspiring photographers is only going to rise. If you’re looking to establish a reputation as a photographer, you’re going to need a photography website.


Every other photography is going to be building a photography website as well, however. You’re going to need to stand out from the ranks.


Here are a few tips and tricks to help you come up with the most fabulous, eye-catching photography website ideas to jump-start your career!

Your Guide To Generating Exquisite Photography Website Ideas

There is no template for what constitutes an excellent photography website. Photography is all about capturing the moment, revealing something of the essence of whatever’s being captured in the frame.


You’ll need to take these photography website ideas and reverse-engineer them for your photography business or brand. Even if you’re not looking to earn an income from your photography website, you’ll still want to be seen by as many eyes as possible!

Start With The Best

Photography has been capturing our imaginations via light on film for close to 200 years. It’s as close as we can get to time travel. It also offers a window into the photographer’s soul, as well as what they’re photographing.


Looking at some of the best photography websites is the first step in coming up with photography website ideas!


Looking at photography websites will give you photography website ideas for your particular niche, as well. If you’ll be hosting a gear-heavy, technical site like Digital Camera World, for instance, you might favor a browsable eCommerce style format.


If you’re featuring more of an archival website format, you might have more of an encyclopedic format for your photography website. The Library Of Congress’ Prints & Photography online catalog is one of the best, guaranteed to give you endless photography website ideas!

Embrace Simplicity

A good photography website is similar to a good photograph. Everyone will have a different idea of what that looks like. There are still some rules that are nearly universal, however.


A cluttered web design is like a photograph with an unclear subject. You’re not sure what’s going on or what you’re supposed to be looking at. It’s just a poor decision when it comes to a photograph but it can be disastrous for a photography website.


Your photography website broadcasts who you are and your unique vision to the world. Look for photography website ideas that are clear and communicative to make that message clear!


Simplistic doesn’t have to mean sterile, however. Just make sure there is a clear user design and a cohesive design aesthetic. This will help your readers know how to navigate and use your site.


Take a look at the Goodman Creatives website for an example of high-quality web design for your own photography website ideas!

Keep Buttons To A Minimum

One of the hallmarks of excellent user design is a clear understanding of what is needed. 83% of Internet users report leaving a website because too many clicks are required. This is just one reason why it’s best to be clear and to the point with your photography website.


Make the most of pages to help keep your photography website organized. Condense your ideas down to three or four main areas. These will be your website pages.


Keep in mind that there are numerous areas of your website where you can place navigation bar. It doesn’t have to be at the top. Experiment with placing the navigation bar on the left-hand side if you need more real estate for your minimalist photography website design.

Make A Gallery

Your photo gallery should be the most important element of your photography website. Make sure that the rest of your photography website ideas complement that function.


Make sure to include your best work in your photo gallery. This is effectively your business card to potential customers and clients. It’s also your portfolio, showcasing what you’re capable of and your unique aesthetic.


Make sure to tag your photographs properly as you upload them to your gallery. Include relevant keywords in the photo description and ‘alt text’ sections of your content management system. This will help you get found in the search engines and expand your audience.

Contact Page

This is the next most important part of your photography website, alongside your gallery. Once visitors have fallen in love with your work, they’ll need to get in touch so they can hire you!


We would highly advise having your ‘Contact’ page as one of the buttons on your website. It’s likely to bring in the most income, for one thing. It’s also one of the main points of having a photography website in the first place.


Consider featuring a contact page with a customary contact form, which can be synced to your email. You might feature a direct email link, as well, in case some of your audience don’t feel like filling out forms.

Know Your Audience

The last piece of advice we’ll give to help you come up with your own world-class website ideas is to know who you’re trying to appeal to. Spend some time browsing the best photography websites to get a feel for the prevalent visual tastes and trends.


Make sure to create some sort of buyer persona, even if it’s only in your mind. Knowing who you’re appealing to will have a major impact on how you present your photography and visual branding.

If you’re trying to capture the imagination of a professional businessman, you might want to feature more somber and serious photography. Don’t skimp on the lavish gear, either, as male professionals are notoriously gear-obsessed.


The stark black-and-white imagery might not go as far on a Pinterest board, however. This is another reason to know your audience. It will play a large part in finding your audience online, as well. Every demographic congregates on a different network.


The best photography website ideas are the ones that serve your particular vision. Nobody knows that vision better than yourself. Spending some time visualizing your dream photography website will help bring that vision into crystal-clear focus.

Want To Learn More About Boosting Your Photography Website?

It’s never been a better time to be a photographer. Even beginning photographers have access to world-class photography equipment and information on how to use it.


That also means there’s more competition than ever before.


Read the rest of our Photography Articles and learn how to bring your vision into sharp relief.

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