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Roofing Business Online Marketing Tips

How to Grow Your Roofing Business

Are you the only roofing business in your area and need to let customers know about your services? Or is your roofing company one of several all competing for the same customer pool? If your company fits into either of these categories, please carry on reading for some helpful tips on how to grow your business so that people know about you and call you first.


Get Your Own Leads, Don’t Buy Them

Many roofing businesses have been swayed by the sales tactics of brokers who offer to provide leads for them. It sounds like a good concept: a middle man does all the advertising and phone answering then forwards the interested parties onto you. Even if your business does get a few jobs that come through from this marketing method, it is not a workable long-term solution as you will have to keep relying on the broker and paying them.


If you want more roofing leads to keep your company continuously busy, you should concentrate on building your website and brand name. This will ensure that you will always be one of the first to be considered when your services are required in the area in which you operate. Once your website is appearing in the top three SEO choices, when your potential customers do an online search for roofers in their neighborhood, you will be getting your own leads.


A Marketing System for Roofing Companies that has Long Term Results

Around 95 percent of customers who are looking for a roofing company will do their search for information online. This means that if your company is not adequately represented by an easy to navigate website, that places in the top three SEO results, you will be missing out on a large percentage of customers choosing to call you. It is crucial to concentrate on growing your company’s online presence, as this will generate a considerable amount of leads.


Another facet of building your brand and online presence is to hit the top three roofing businesses on Google Maps results. If your company’s name features prominently when an SEO user enters the words “Roofers near me,” you will undoubtedly be called for a quote or an actual job. This is because consumers trust the names that appear first in their online search.


The Way SEO Works

Although the words “near me” are one of the most common phrases that SEO users enter when looking for a local company, there are many other phrases that consumers use when doing an online search for products and services. When you choose the best marketing system to promote your roofing business, it will focus on linking your website to as many SEO keywords that are likely to be entered by a customer in your area.


When you take the time to develop your roofing business with the best workers and materials, it makes sense to grow the marketing side of it with the same amount of dedication and hard work. Your hard work will pay off in the form of leads, the phone always ringing, and good word of mouth.

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