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How to Prepare Students to Create Digital Content

Preparing Students to use content creation tools is more important than ever because nowadays, we live in a world that is connected to the internet 24/7, where we are constantly swamped with information from every side. This kind of advancement affects every aspect of our lives, but it especially affects academic education.



Digital Content creation has become a very promising area for students, mostly because everyone can find a type of content that suits them. It can be graphic design, content creation, software development, copywriting, etc. Based on some research, copywriting is the preferred field for many young adults. Still, to be better at their job, they need to express themselves concisely and interestingly. And to do that, students choose to look at free essay samples from websites like https://gradesfixer.com/ to get inspiration, ideas, and a better understanding of how to write texts correctly. However, besides copywriting, as we already said, digital content creation opens the doors to many careers, so because of that, many colleges and schools shifted their focus on educating students all about digital content, so they can be ready to function properly in the 21st-century workplaces. 

However, a few things need to be considered when shifting your classroom into the digital age and when you start preparing your students to become content creators. 

Difference between content creation and digital content consumption. 

There is a difference between using tablets as consumption devices and using them as creation devices. For example, suppose you simply give your students access to an educational game or app that exposes them to technology. In that case, it will result positively, although it may not lead to the goal of incorporating technology in the classroom. To achieve that goal, you can use some of the many popular apps from which students can consume content. And those apps will allow them to share and create content on their own.

Engaging Students

When creating a project, students need to be engaged and have a sense of ownership, so since we are living in a digital world, and students are constantly surrounded by rich media and digital content, it may be more motivating and engaging for them to create digital projects that can compete in the modern world. 

Same content and skills, different medium 

The process of planning, research, storyboarding, scripting, and presenting information has not changed. However, the medium in which students are creating their projects is changed. Before this advanced technology, students created poster boards, and many school dioramas were made in shoe boxes. And nowadays, those projects are replaced with online tools, and the students can easily create multi-media posters and include videos, weblinks, etc. Basically, digital tools for students are more engaging because they use technology in the process of creation. However, the process students go through to do the project is still the same. Only the medium is changed.

Global access 

Nowadays, the change of the medium has a big influence on access. Before technology, school papers most of the time did not succeed. But now, with social media and online blogs, the range of people who can access the student’s content can be global. Giving students a stronger voice with their creations allows them to realize how small the world can be.

Digital Citizens

Content creation sure brings many benefits. However, also brings some responsibilities with it. To teach your students how to be upstanding digital citizens, you need to teach them proper sourcing and citations. They need to source or cite their research while working on paper and essay samples. And they should cite the source of the pictures they use and make sure that they are not using copyrighted images. They may be penalized for not using sources in class, but they would be if they were at work.  

Prepare the students for future careers. 

Content creation is a permanent skill, and almost every company is demanding it. Although that is not the only skill, students get while using digital tools. In addition, many online creation tools make people work together without actually being together, which will help the students build their interpersonal skills. 

Ways students can create digital content. 

  •               Write essays, papers, or blogs.
  •               Contribute to Wikipedia.
  •               Create a website. 
  •               Create video blogs, music videos, YouTube videos, etc.
  •               Record podcasts or songs. 
  •               Design blueprints, brochures, video games, 3D models, maps, apps, etc. 
  •               Create memes, GIF’s, or something using a code. 


Teaching students how to create digital content, starting from simple things like formatting letters or drafting an email to more complex things, is very important. The classroom is the perfect place where students should learn those skills. The sky is the limit for digital content creation, and the benefits that the students will get are essential for success in this digital world.

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