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Html5 Animation Examples

45+ HTML5 Animation Examples Free Download

HTML5 Animation examples are one of the best way to implement HTML5 in web pages. If you’re web developer and looking for HTML5 animation examples then you’re on right place because in today’s collection we are going to share some of the best examples of HTML animation.

If you’re familiar with HTML5 animation then you may know that you can easily develop your own games online as well as you can also add a feature of playing flash videos without having adobe reader. There are also some other awesome features that you get by using HTML5 animation.

HTML5 Animation Examples

HTML5 is a new technology and growing rapidly. There are different web designs, games and flash videos that are using this amazing technology. The examples of HTML5 animation that we have shared below are implemented using HTML5, CSS3, Java Script & Jquery.

All examples that we have shared below will work smoothly in most modern browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer 9 and generally provide best user experience.

Sovog Robot Animation

A beautiful robotic HTML5 animation. If you’re robot lover then this Html5 animation is ideal for you.

More Info / Download

Robot Html5 Animation

Pearl Boy Animation

Pearl Boy was created to show the possibilities of Goo Engine and HTML5/WebGL. By using the performance of WebGL and hardware accelerated graphics, combined with our javascript game engine, we can provide rich 3D content in the browser.

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Pearl Boy

Particles HTMl5 Animation

More Info / Download

Particles HTML5 Examples

Sinuous HTML5

The goal is simple: avoid the red dots! the beatiful, simple and clearn animation.

Sinous HTML5 Example

Interactive HTML5 Animation

This works in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, iPhone, and IE9 browsers. This page uses HTML5+Javascript without Flash or other plugins.

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Blue HTML5 Animation Free

3D Flocking Simulation

More Info / Download

3D Flocking HTML5 Animation Free

Multicolored Flash Canvas

More Info / Download

Beautiful html5 animation

Canopy Animation

More Info / Download

Black White HTML5 Animation

HTML5 Canvas Caching

Vector graphics in Canvas can be cpu-intensive, especially with complex designs. Pile on the shapes along with effects such as strokes and gradient fills, and things can get very sluggish.

More Info / Download

Building HTML5 Animation

Circles & Text Html5 Animation

More Info / Download

Circles HTML Animation

Kaleidoscope HTML5 Animation

More Info / Download

Colors HTML5 Animation

Gangham Style Animation

More Info / Download

CSS3 Gangham Style Animation

Particle Animation

More Info / Download

CSS Particle Animation

HTML5 Liquid

More Info / Download

Dard HTML5 Animation

Disco Lights Animation

More Info / Download

Disco lights flying cube HTML5 Animation

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

More Info / Download

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

HTML5 Coil

More Info / Download

Green Color HTML5 Animation

Clouds Background Animation

More Info / Download

Green html5 animation

3D Landscape Animation

More Info / Download

Green Lines HTML5 Animation

Tunneler HTML5 Animation

More Info / Download

Hold me HTML5 Animation

Black Hole Html5 Animation

More Info / Download

Hole CSS HTML5 Animation

Magnetic HTML5 Animation

More Info / Download

html5 animation black

Hypnos Animation

More Info / Download

hypnos HTML5 Animation Free

Skeleton 3D Articulated

More Info / Download

Interactive 3D Skeleton HTML5 Animation Free


More Info / Download

kaleidoscope HTML5 Animation Free

Lily pad experiment

Lily pad is an experiment that explores paper folding inspired by the form of a lily pad floating on top of water.

More Info / Download

Lily pad experiment HTML5 Animation Free

Drawing HTML5

More Info / Download

Lines HTML5 Animation

Colored Lines Animation

More Info / Download

Many Lines HTML5 Animation Free

Meru Logo Animation

More Info / Download

Meru html5 animation

Chain Reaction Animation

More Info / Download

Moon HTML5 Animation

Movement Line Animation

More Info / Download


Movement Patterns HTML5

More Info / Download

Movement Patterns HTML5 Animation Free

Origami HTML5 Animation

More Info / Download

Multicolor HTML5 Animation

Pentagonal Torus Animation

More Info / Download

Pure CSS pentagonal torus animated

Radar Animation

More Info / Download

Radar audi visual experiment

Readiness HTML5 & Css3

More Info / Download

Rounded HTML5 Animation

HTML5 Core Animation

More Info / Download

Simple HTML5 Animation

Sketchpad HTML5

More Info / Download

Sketchpad HTML5 Animation Free

Sketchout Game Animation

More Info / Download

Sktech HTML5 Animation Free

Starfield HTML5

More Info / Download

Starfield HTML5 Animation Free

HTML5 Video Animation

More Info / Download

Video HTML5 Animation

Clock HTML5 Animation

More Info / Download

Watch HTML5 Animation

Blob Animation

More Info / Download

Blob HTML5 Animation Example

Bomomo HTML5 Example

More Info / Download

Bromomo HTML5 Example

Particle System Example

More Info / Download

Stylish HTML5 Animation 1

8 Bit Color Animation

More Info / Download

Waterfall HTML5 Animation

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