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Mac vs Windows 10: Which Is Best for Graphics Design?

Are you looking for the best PC to use for your graphic designing? Can’t decide between Windows 10 and Mac?

Well, we’re here to help you.

According to Apple, there are more Windows 10 users than there are Mac users. Don’t get fooled by these statistics because it doesn’t automatically mean Windows 10 is better than Mac. Everyone has his own reason for his preferred computer.

If you’re updated on the Mac vs Windows 10 debate, you might already know some of their pros and cons. If you aren’t, read on. Below are some advantages and disadvantages for both Macs and Windows PCs:

Brief History

You might have learned that most graphic designers prefer the Mac over Windows. There’s a reason for that. Did you know that Photoshop and digital typography were born on the Mac computer?

In the 1980s, the Mac was the lone computer to allow for digital typography. Susan Kare pioneered digital typography with her unique typefaces, fonts, and digital art. Later, she sold her other designs to companies like Microsoft and Oracle.

John and Thomas Knoll, the creators of Photoshop, built the first version on a Mac computer in 1988. The Mac was the computer with a color display and the capacity to handle the program at the time. For a long time, most graphic designers had one option for the kind of computers they could work on and it was Mac.

The reason why older graphic designers prefer Mac is because it’s what they knew would work.

Now, most graphic design software for PC is available for both Windows and iOS platforms. At this point, it all depends on your preference.


If you’re a PC buff and you want a PC that’s upgradeable and customizable, get a Windows computer. Windows PCs allow for different configurations because you can swap out the components. That isn’t to say that you cannot upgrade your Mac PC.

There are limits to what you can upgrade on a Mac PC, which is swapping out the memory and storage drives only. Getting a Mac is one great choice if you don’t have the time or the familiarity with customizing your PC. In general, the easiest way to upgrade a Mac is to buy a new one.

Art software for PCs doesn’t require that many hardware changes. Thus, there won’t be much difference if you got Adobe Photoshop on a Mac or Windows PC. The differences will be the commands and the different Photoshop plug-ins.


Now, there are tons of software created for both Windows and Mac. Each has its unique edge against the competition but both are trying to cover all bases. Both even have their own voice-controlled personal assistants: Siri and Cortana.

If you are a gamer and graphic designer, a Windows PC is your best choice. The Windows PC has the processing power, RAM space, storage, ports, and displays. These are all demands of high-end gaming.

Other than the advantage of games, Windows 10 has a few editions available. Some have more features and higher costs. If you’re planning on getting Windows, you might want to understand the difference between windows 10 pro and home before you buy anything.

The thing about Mac computers is they work better with other Apple programs. These are software like iTunes, iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library, Find My iPhone, iMessage, Handoff, or iCloud Keychain software. Mac is popular for its intuitive design for its own apps.

Since there are fewer Macs than there are Windows PCs, it is safer to use against viruses and malware. This makes the Mac less likely to get infected by malware. We still recommend taking steps for caution if you end up choosing a Mac.

As far as graphic design goes, the best graphic design software for Mac and Windows vary on your personal tastes. What works for you will work differently for everyone else. It’s all a matter of which one you’re more used to using.


What you’ve got to spend on a computer is one big deciding factor for buying one. And computers are expensive. Are you a graphics or logo designer on a budget?

Think about this: the cheapest laptop with the Mac logo on it costs $999.99 USD. One reason for this is because the people who make the Mac software also make the Mac hardware. They have specific software designed to run on the hardware.

Here are some reasons why Mac computers are worth the price. Mac has regular software updates that make them capable over time. Its bug fixes and patches are even available for older versions of the iOS to keep old Macs safe.

The cheapest Windows PC could put you back about 300 USD. They’re great for people on a budget who could look to get upgrades for their PCs later. But, if you’re planning to do a lot of upgrading in the future, you might end up spending more on your PC than on a Mac.

Pros and Cons Summarized: Mac vs Windows 10

While there isn’t a better computer now, there is a preferred computer for each one.  Below we’ve got lists for the pros and cons for Mac and Windows 10.

The strengths of a Macintosh computer include its intuitive design and better security. It is also compatible with other Apple products and software. The display and color calibration of Mac computers are also more accurate.

In contrast, the weaknesses of a Macintosh computer include its expensive price range. A Mac computer is not very customizable however it can last for a long time. It is also lacking support for high-performance games.

With that said, the Windows 10 PCs have advantages such as their cheaper prices and many customization options. When your components are inadequate or obsolete, you can always swap them out. Windows 10 also runs high-performance games.

However, Windows PCs are more vulnerable to malware and viruses. Another weakness of a Windows PC is that they aren’t as great communicators with other products as Macs are with Apple products. You’ll still need to do some manual syncing if you want to back-up some of your files onto your phone.

When it comes to choosing the computer for graphic designers, it all comes down to which you favor. You can have the same software and programs on both computers, almost. Still, you can do the same quality of work on both computers.

Design Graphics on Your Preferred PC

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: It’s all up to which you like better. The Mac vs Windows 10 debate has been alive for decades now. For graphic designers like you, there is no real lead for either software or hardware.

Price is a big factor, but so is comfortability. Your comfort and your clients’ comfort matter. When choosing, also take note of which platform has more system compatibility with your clients.

In the end, your computer shouldn’t matter much as long as you get the job done.

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