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Meteor Developers: Why Need Them ?

Meteor is a Javascript framework that was launched in 2012. Since it is a Node framework, it allows for faster Node development packaging tools that would previously take over 1000 codes to write. Now it takes only 10 lines of code to call for the function.


Also, meteor is open source, meaning that all of its source code is available to the public. As a result, Meteor developers are supported by the online meteor development community. Even more, the full-stack framework that supports the creation of mobile apps, which makes it a cross-platform framework.


In comparison to rival coding frameworks, Meteor has the highest number of GitHub stars (Over 30,000 as the time of this writing).


How to Hire Meteor Developers

There are multiple ways that you can find a dedicated team for your development project. If you have a small project and need only one developer, consider hiring a freelancer. This is also a good option if you have the time for the project.


Alternatively, if you’re looking for a long-term development team, you’ll have to hire them directly. You will have to pay a lot for this option, because creating an in-office workspace requires additional costs, plus you might simply not find a reliable coding expert within your location.


Third, you can outsource your services through a reliable outstaffing company. They will assist you by finding a team of developers in the shortest terms. It’s not as affordable as finding freelance devs, but it saves you the time, money and trouble. As a result, you’ll be able to have a team of skilled devs that are willing to help you with your project.


Direct Hiring

If you want a more personal approach, you can hire your candidates directly. One way to do so is through hiring them on platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. This is the most basic method, but remember this can be very expensive. For companies where the developer rate is high, expect to pay more for their service.


Moreover, this hiring method involves long-term contracts, so you can still keep your employees on staff after the project is completed. And this method requires that you have the resources made for your team such as office workstations and computers for your employees (which will increase costs as a result).


Dedicated Developers

Another option is to hire developers from an offshoring company. In this method, your developers will remain in the offshoring office, but report to you and work for your full-time. This allows for owners to have control over the project and saves costs on allocating resources to the developers.


And this can cost less than the project based methods because business analysis and project management are not required. This allows you to change your team as the project requirements change and your payment includes for their entire service costs (i.e., salaries, insurance, office resource costs, etc.).



Outsourcing is a method that uses a project-based model. This involves describing the details of the project to a group of business analysts or project managers. They will assist you by creating the team of meteor developers and manage your project.


Some businesses like this method because it takes time off their hands, but can be a bit expensive due to the costs of business analysis and project management. If you want a hands-free method of completing your projects, this is the way to go.



To conclude, your meteor projects will need a dedicated team of developers to complete it. Depending on your hiring methods, you’ll have to plan how to pay and reward your workers for assisting you on your vision. By following these tips, you’ll increase the chances of having a completed app!



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