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Mistakes You Should Not Commit on Your Instagram Business Profile

Your Instagram profile tells everything about you and your business, so you have to take your time and ensure that it works in your favor. Some common mistakes can ruin all your efforts in promoting our Instagram business profile.

Understand that your Instagram profile serves as your visiting card, so you have to create it keeping all important points in mind. Failing to do it right would keep you from getting new likes and followers. While you decide to purchase Instagram likes, the option works only when you have other things sorted properly. So, here are a few common mistakes that you should avoid when designing your profile page.


No links in Bio

Instagram allows only one clickable link in your Instagram profile to connect it to your business page or blogging site. You must make the most of this link to connect your followers with your actual business site. Most of the Instagram posts are not shopping friendly, and your only chance of getting customers from Instagram is through this link. Some people are quite ignorant of adding this link in their profile and doing a great loss to their business.

  • Open the bio section of your profile to add a link.
  • Select the edit profile option.
  • Add your business site in the website text box, and your link is all set.

This link could be on your Facebook business page or selling website. You can use this link for directly landing your followers on your event page or any promotional offer. This link could be linked with your menu or home page of your site. Whatever it is but don’t ignore it.

Privatizing Your Instagram Account

Instagram business profiles are not meant to be private. You definably want to gain followers and increase your reach to your targeted audience through your Instagram business profile, but by making your Instagram account private, you will lose your potential followers as well as restrict your posts from reaching other Instagram users.

Private Instagram account set is for personal accounts where you don’t want others to invade in your close circle. But when you are representing a brand, you don’t want its content to reach only specific people. Private account setting often deviates Instagram users from your account as they can’t access your content directly. They have to request for following you and wait for your approval to see your posts. Which is quite inconvenient and most people move on without giving a second thought.

Check the setting of your profile by clicking edit profile option under your profile photo and make sure they are set to public and not private.

Re-posting Content

You can repost your old photos and posts from your Instagram account to share a memory with your audience, or you can take help of it when you are too busy working on an upcoming event and want to keep your followers engaged. But frequently posting old photos and content will repel you followers from your account. Nobody wanted to see the same repeated content again and again. People are there on Instagram for seeking some entertainment and get updated about the latest trends and happenings, but your reposted content will fail to match their expectations.

Your one selfie might be your favorite, but your viewers will not be interested in viewing it again and again. Your memories might fascinate you every time, but your audience will not find them appealing. Evaluate your posts from the viewer’s perspective, and you will be able to understand what damage you are doing to your reputation by reposting content quite often.


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Always post fresh content and introduce new creative ideas through your posts. The more unique your content will be the more followers will be attracted towards it. By introducing fresh ideas, you will be able to grab the attention of your followers for a longer time, and they will remain loyal to your brand. Never underestimate the power of followers they can make or break your brand marketing. Be conscious of their demands and expectations.


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