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How to Open an Online Boutique with Shopify

“Entrepreneur” has become a huge online buzzword recently. The Internet has opened up many opportunities for people to become financially independent.


With just a few clicks, you can build a website, attract potential customers, and start raking in the cash.


The thing is, while that sounds exhilarating, it can also be overwhelming. Having to put together an online presence and manage sales seems like a lot of work.


It doesn’t have to be if you open an online boutique with Shopify. Want to know why?


What Is Shopify?

Shopify is a new way of selling your items online and getting them in front of the right people. Essentially, it’s an easy-to-use eCommerce platform.


There are tons of benefits for any retailer to open an online boutique with Shopify. This platform can either be your only source of sales or work with your existing store. Plus, it’s accessible and has lots of great features that make online shopping a breeze.


If you have a physical location, Shopify can help your sales grow. About a third of store owners use Shopify to supplement real-world locations.


In fact, many big names rely on this platform. Brands like Colour Pop, Jeffree Star, and Rooster Teeth are all Shopify users.

How Does It Work?

Shopify is incredibly user-friendly. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time developing a custom website or you’re an eCommerce beginner, this platform will do the trick.


It provides templates that make it easy to design your online store and upload your products. By paying a monthly fee, you’re granted access to their product management tools, web design resources, and eCommerce services.


Best of all, scaling up is never an issue. If you find that your product is doing well, you can add more to your store without incurring extra fees.


There are over 70 payment gateways integrated into Shopify. Add to that the checkouts in over 50 different languages, and you can go global.


No doubt you’re eager to get started. We’re going to walk you through step by step to open your own online shop.

How to Open an Online Boutique with Shopify

You can’t open an online boutique with Shopify without signing up for it. This process is pretty straightforward and simple, but make sure you have the necessary information on hand.


To begin, go to Shopify.com and click on the “get started” button. You’ll be asked to fill out basic information like your name, email address, and the name of your store.


Giving this information helps them determine the tax rate and currencies. The work is practically done for you.

Shopify Store Options and Finishing Signing up

At this point, you’ll have two options. You can set up an online-only store or a physical retail location. If you choose the second option, you’ll be using their iPad checkout system.


For the purposes of this tutorial, we’re going to focus on the eCommerce option only.


The last question asks if you’re already selling your product and if so, what’s your projected revenue. After that, you’re all done – click “Enter My Store.”


Bonus: if you’re not sure you want to stick with Shopify, they give you a 14-day free trial to get started. How neat is that?

Uploading Products

Now that you’re signed up, it’s time to upload the goods. On the left side of your screen, there will be a link labeled “Products”. It will take you to a screen with a blue button that says “Add Products”.


Just like the rest of Shopify, adding your offerings is incredibly easy. You just need to add a few details, such as an image, product details, pricing, and a description.


You can add as much or as little as you like, but think about your audience. Do you need to spell out the measurements of the products? Does just a simple title do it for you?


Consider your product and your customers to determine the best strategy. You might go through some trial and error, but there’s also more info online about what works for other people. Do your research!

Choose Your Template

Here is the best part of when you open an online boutique with Shopify – customizing the look of your shop. From the dashboard, navigate to the Customize the Look of Your Site button.


From here, you’ll be able to change your fonts, add logos, choose your colors, and more. Here’s where your brand really comes alive.


For example, if you exclusively use green and gold in your merchandising, make sure your store has those colors. This way, you create a consistent look for your brand.


There are tons of options available on this page. Choose the link that says “Visit The Theme Store” to get started.

Select a Theme

Themes allow you to have everything configured in a preset template. This is another great example of why you need to open an online boutique with Shopify.


There are 180 themes available in the store. While many are for sale, there are plenty more that are completely free.


Use the filter to find which ones are free. You can also filter the selection by popularity, most recent in the store, what features they offer, price, and industry.


Make sure to check the reviews on the themes that you’re considering. You need to find out if the theme is mobile-ready and responsive.


You can even check the demo of a theme and try it out in your own store.

Ready to Start Selling with Shopify?

You’re signed in, you’ve got your products up, and you’ve chosen a fantastic template.


Add in your tax information and shipping details, and you’re ready to launch. As an added option, you can purchase a domain name, but it’s not necessary.


After that, you’re good to go! Would you believe that the whole process takes less than 30 minutes?


Just like that, you can open an online store and get your product in front of millions. For other easy tutorials, bookmark our site and visit often!


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