Why is SEO Important?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital component of a business marketing strategy. Even recognized household name brands use it to expand their online presence. It is still one of the essential ways to participate in the big leagues and bring your business to the attention of customers at the …

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Staying Calm Before a Big Presentation

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A big presentation can bring out the scared child in all of us. It is an unpleasant image—rows of eyes staring at us, a large, hot screen immediately to the left, and the idea of being asked a question you have no idea how to answer. No wonder many of …

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5 Reasons to Segment Your Customers

Putting clients with particular characteristics together can help in identify profitable customers, and foretell purchase patterns. Customer segments definition  is simple. Look: Not all the clients will possess similar backgrounds, buying patterns and goals. And there is a need to know how and why they vary. See, if you segment …

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How To Maximise The Reach Of Your Website


As a business, your website is likely to be a vital tool in any marketing campaign. It is crucial in educating your customers and helping them to achieve a better understanding of your product or service, as well as providing essential information about the day-to-day logistics of your business, such …

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