5 Reasons to Segment Your Customers

Putting clients with particular characteristics together can help in identify profitable customers, and foretell purchase patterns. Customer segments definition  is simple. Look: Not all the clients will possess similar backgrounds, buying patterns and goals. And there is a need to know how and why they vary. See, if you segment …

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How To Maximise The Reach Of Your Website


As a business, your website is likely to be a vital tool in any marketing campaign. It is crucial in educating your customers and helping them to achieve a better understanding of your product or service, as well as providing essential information about the day-to-day logistics of your business, such …

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Why Organic Traffic Is Important For Your Business


While it is nice to get traffic to your website from social networks and paid advertising, it’s still not a good idea to neglect your organic traffic. With easy access to AdWords and social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it might be simpler to think that a business no longer …

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