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Mans hand drawing Marketing Plan concept on notebook
Mans hand drawing Marketing Plan concept on white notebook

Questions To Ask Before Landing A Contract With An SEO Company

The internet is very powerful and as someone who owns a business, taking advantage of this power is necessary, it may not be your expertise hence asking experts and professionals is necessary. Hiring the right SEO professional is important as if you did it wrong it can break your company, but if you were able to get the right one expect tons of success.

Questions To Ask Before Landing A Contract With An SEO Company

The best way to assess whether the SEO company can turn to be your best partner or best enemy is asking them relevant questions. To help you get started, below are good questions to ask:

Do not expect that they will tell you everything in specific and detailed manner, but a good SEO company has an effective process they follow and they should be willing to discuss the process with you. Put this in mind, there is no same way to tackle SEO, hence they provide you a process and strategy specific to your business and needs.

  • How do you keep your clients informed about changes on their website or changes on your strategy?

A good company should provide their clients reports at least once a month or as often as needed regarding not only progress but regress in their rankings. The reports should be provided in a clear manner, with graphs, detailed information and the like.

They should make their office open for questions that you have, including suggestions.

  • Can you provide me with reference of your previous work?

In this case, you should not expect them to provide you their complete client address book. But, a good and confident SEO company, like Toronto SEO Gigs, will provide you at the least 2 of their biggest clients.

If they doubt and decline providing you information, you better run and look for someone else.

  • Can you assure me that my business will be on top of Google’s search engine?

This is a bit tricky, as the answer you think is right is “yes, we can make you on top of the search engine ranking in no time”, actually that is not the case. As no one can assure you of that because, there is no exact and definite Google algorithm that will put your business on top of the search engine.

If the company says yes, you may want to doubt their genuine character and go to your next choice. A company who is only after your money will give you promises that are impossible. Do not get into their bait and make sure you are choosing wisely.

The more questions you ask the closer you will hire the best SEO company. There are so many companies providing services in and around Toronto and that should make you more cautious about hiring the best and most reliable SEO company to trust, They are considered one of your business partners hence it is a must that you make the right choice as their success is yours and vice versa.


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