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Start Recording! 4 Reasons You Need to Invest in a Marketing Video Now

In a fast-paced world with too little time and seemingly too much information, video marketing has become a crucial method of marketing. Many businesses and organizations rely on video now instead of an overabundance of copy to convey their message.

Video marketing is a quick, engaging way to show potential customers who you are and what you’re offering. It’s becoming a valuable marketing tool that offers interesting visuals and important information in a condensed format.

To see why you need to be using video now, read on.

1. Videos Make Every Second Count

Attention spans are short. Success can be a matter of using your time wisely when it comes to marketing and making a good first impression. With less than ten seconds to engage your audience, your marketing strategy has to be interesting, available, and easily digested.

You can create video that tells consumers what you’re all about in a way that holds their attention and makes them want to know more. In a matter of seconds, a video can convince viewers that it’s worth watching and your product or service is valuable. 

Whether you use humor, inspiration, or intriguing facts to hook your audience, a short video can inform and cultivate curiosity in potential customers.

2. Tell Your Story

Online marketing is no longer all about pushing what you’re selling at your target customer. This kind of marketing, which is blatantly all about sales, is now considered annoying and invasive. Today’s consumers want to know the story of your business.

Videos give you the opportunity to tell about who you are and what you’re about. Like other relevant marketing content, it’s a great way to quickly build an image for viewers so they know who they’re dealing with and what they can expect from you.

Using this angle allows you to relate to customers, appeal to their needs, and engage them emotionally. With an intro that piques interest and content that is compelling, videos can be your most powerful marketing tool.

3. Videos Boost Your Search Engine Rank

Because they can engage viewers and compel them to stay a while, videos increase the amount of time visitors will spend on your website. This is more important than you may realize.

Google takes notice when visitors linger on your site and assumes you’ve got good content. This increased exposure can boost your search engine ranking significantly.

4. Video Now Explains and Informs

Video marketing is the best way to give your potential customers everything they need to decide whether or not you’re worth their time. 

Videos, especially explainer videos and short animations, explain complex concepts, new products, and services in a condensed, simplified way that viewers can easily grasp. These important videos cut confusion, entertain viewers, and summarize your mission. 

Video Marketing for Business Success

Video now holds a top spot in effective marketing techniques. Videos benefit consumers by giving them relevant information and captivating content. They benefit you by holding consumer interest and relaying your business message quickly and memorably.

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