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65+ Best Responsive Drupal Templates

Drupal remains one of the favorite open source systems of management for people despite the popularity of WordPress. It has a platform for management of content. The best part is that it lets everyone create websites and manage them according to their uses. For this, people do not even need to have any previous skills or knowledge of technology or web making. To make the websites attractive and to gain the visitor’s attention, it is important that the website have responsive Drupal Templates.

A template helps to define what the website is all about. It lets your readers or visitors see what you are putting across the Internet. The templates are different in their own unique ways to serve a particular purpose.

Best Responsive Drupal Templates

They use different techniques of web design like Parallax Effect and headers etc. Along with that, they also come in different colors and contrasting backgrounds to give a nice aesthetic effect.

For example, any template for a bank website or a website of any other financial institute will make the whole website look extremely professional. It comes with various icons in which the visitor can find out more about the company. They can also add their testimonials on the home page along with a Google Maps. This map can help the visitor find the physical address of the bank`s branches around the city or country.

Another good example is the Other template which is quite suitable for anyone looking for giving their photography or videography portfolio on their website. The template has an aesthetically pleasing and clean design which helps the user showcase their work easily without making the site seem congested. It also has a nice sidebar which lets the visitors see the photographs from their desired categories.

In here, the user can also have options like where to contact them or any credentials they may have along with their previous works record and references. These responsive Drupal templates just make the whole website look well designed.

Features of Responsive Drupal Templates

These templates help to attract the attention of the visitor. They also help to display the work neatly and let it be convenient for the visitor to find what they are looking for. Furthermore, it also saves the web user from the effort of having to design their own template. There is a huge selection of responsive Drupal templates that users can select from.

You can just find the template that goes with the content and aim of your website and just engages your readers into your website. It is as easy as clicking a button. The cost of $40 is also very nominal and most new businesses can also afford it easily.

We have compiled a collection of some very responsive Drupal templates for you to choose from. There are different websites keeping in mind different niches and different kinds of users of the Drupal open source software.

Keep scrolling down and you will eventually find what you are looking for. Do your website a favor and download one of these templates for your website.

Nevia Drupal Theme

Demo  Download

Nevia Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Aklas Clean Drupal Best Responsive


Demo  Download

Ausart drupal Best Responsive


Demo  Download

Aveta Drupal Best Responsive

Danat Aromatherapy

Demo  Download

Awesome Best Template


Demo  Download

BigC Shop Best Responsive

Responsive Blog

Demo  Download

Blog Best Responsive Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Boom Best Responsive


Demo  Download

Centum Best Responsive


Demo  Download

Classic Best Responsive

Special One

Demo  Download

Click Best Template


Demo  Download

Converge Best Responsive

Style Vintage

Demo  Download

Cream Best Template


Demo  Download

Dawn Responsive Drupal


Demo  Download

Designs Best Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Drive Responsive Drupal

Flat Metro

Demo  Download

Flat Metro Responsive Drupal

Font Folio


FontFolio Responsive Drupal

Global News

Demo  Download

Global News Responsive Template


Demo  Download

Goodnex Responsive Drupal

Responsive Green


Green Responsive Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Grider Responsive Drupal

Hatch Demo

Demo  Download

Hatch Drupal Template

Aqua Theme

Demo  Download

Home Aqua Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Home Astrum Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Home Coworker Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Incredible Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Inspiring Fashion Best Responsive Drupal


Demo  Download

localhost Responsive Drupal


Demo  Download

Logancee Best Responsive Drupal


Demo  Download

Look Best Template


Demo  Download

Magnetto Best Template


Demo  Download

MAP Best Template

Metro Blocks

Demo  Download

Metro Books Best Template

My Folio

Demo  Download

Never Best Template


Demo  Download

Panekah Best Responsive Drupal

Pin Board

Demo  Download

PinBoard Best Responsive Drupal


Demo  Download

Planetta Best Responsive Drupal


Demo  Download

POWERMAN Best Responsive Drupal


Demo  Download

Proma Responsive Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Selecta Responsive Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Sensation Responsive Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Shake Best Template


Demo  Download

Simple Responsive Template


Demo  Download

Slash Retina Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Special One Responsive Drupal Template



Splendio Responsive Drupal Template


Demo  Download

The Antoni Responsive Drupal Template

Spot Light

Demo  Download

The Captivating Responsive Drupal Template

Corked Screwer

Demo  Download

The Corked Best Responsive Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Theme Development Responsive Drupal

Commerce Kickstart


The Omega Best Responsive Drupal Template

Metro Theme

Demo  Download

The Square Best Responsive Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Think Best Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Today s Deal Best Responsive Drupal Template



Touchpro Best Responsive Drupal Template


Demo  Download

trizzy Best Responsive Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Ultra Best Responsive Drupal Template


Demo  Download

Upside Responsive Template


Demo  Download

Videos ProVideo Responsive Template


Demo  Download

Wego drupal Responsive Template

WS Garden

Demo  Download

WS Responsive Template

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