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Seven Steps Of Successful Logo Design

One of the most extraordinary feats is how logo designers continue to create brand new logo designs that are innovative and unusual. To help you come up with equally impressive logo designs, here are seven steps that you can implement.


Turn a static shape into something dynamic


Whenever your logo design repeats a certain shape, a sense of movement is created. You can use repetition and patterns, like diagonal cuts or arrows, to create the idea that a static shape is moving. Plus, doing this makes your logo design much more visually appealing too.


Utilise negative space


There is absolutely nothing negative about negative space! In fact, it is an extremely important object within your logo design. When used correctly, negative space can offer balance or contrast. It can even be used to create an extra image and so be sure to zoom in on that space that you have created around the other shapes.


Merge ideas


According to Magicdust, layout is one of the most important aesthetic elements of effective logo design. Try to find shared features of forms whenever you have the challenge of combining two ideas. Many times harmony delivers a much better logo design that more people will find visually appealing.


Welcome the abstract


What makes the art of logo design so beautiful is that it does not have to express ideas in a direct way. Even when a logo is open to interpretation, it can still be valuable.

So, whenever you need to design a logo be sure to search for images that are linked to your company and the field that it operates in. Are there perhaps any specific symbols that are synonyms with the industry? Use these images that you have found to create a pattern that you can then interpret in a different way. After all, who does not like a puzzle? Do not be afraid to give people a chance to draw links and reach their own interpretations about your logo.


Embrace the finer details


Thanks to high-definition tools and state-of-the-art reproduction procedures, your logo design can now boast fine lines and more intricate shapes. Finer details can add contrast and help to draw attention to heavier shapes. Though, be sure to give thought to how you will go about making your logo design bigger without it losing these finer details.


Include layers


You can create another image by using negative space and the weight of lines cleverly. By doing this, your logo design can boast a visual hierarchy that adds an interesting element of surprise. Ultimately you want to boast a logo design that is memorable and by adding layers you can create a logo design that is a lot more interesting that it appears to be at first glance.


Identify universal symbols


There are certain symbols such as a globe or an arrow that can convey universal concepts effectively. Yes, these symbols might appear boring, but they can serve as a basis that can then be combined with a more interesting shape, letter or image.


Which ideas should your logo design communicate? There might just be a relevant universal symbol that will serve as the right tool to convey that specific idea.


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