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5 Clever Strategies for Acquiring Startup Money for Your New Business

Starting a new business? 

The journey can be very exciting, but also stressful. Between licenses, equipment, and other expenses, the costs can add up.

In fact, the average cost of starting a business is $30,000 depending upon what type of business you are looking to start. If you’re in need of money to get in business, check out these five clever ways of acquiring startup money.

1. Crowdfunding for Startup Money

Wondering how to raise money to start a business? Crowdfunding is a way of raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. Usually, crowdfunding is done on the internet.

Crowdfunding can benefit both you and your investors. When people invest in a company, they obviously want to see it succeed. They become part of your business success and can help spread the word of what you’re doing.

2. Pledge a Portion of Your Future Earnings

If you’re looking to raise startup money for your new business venture, consider pledging a portion of your future earnings. In this scenario, you would receive money up front to invest in your business. In exchange for this, you would pledge a certain amount of your future earnings to pay back your investors.

3. Get Angel Investors

Wondering how to get capital for business startups? You may want to look for angel investors. Angel investors are private investors who provide business capital in exchange for ownership equity.

When looking for angel investors for your business, you need to be sure that you’re prepared and knowledgeable. These particular investors are usually business savvy in a particular area and will need to feel confident that you know what you’re doing.

As you prepare to reach out to potential angel investors, be sure to have all your ducks in a row. 

  • What is the problem your business will solve?
  • Who is your target market?
  • Are you providing an effective business model?

You may even consider showing proof of income that your business has made so far by utilizing a pay stub generator. You can also provide any positive business reviews that you’ve received so far.

4. Business Incubators

Business incubators can help upcoming businesses with both startup money and business guidance. Led by government agencies, universities, and venture capitalist, these incubators can offer all that a fresh business needs to grow.

It’s important to note that getting access to a business incubator isn’t an easy task. There’s an application process that’s quite lengthy and the competition is large. However, if these leaders see great potential in both you and your business idea, you may get the opportunity to join.

5. Microloans

Are you trying to figure out how to get startup capital when you lack collateral or credit history? Microloans may be an option for you. Microloans are small business loans, typically ranging from $500 to $35,000.

Microlenders are non-profit, unlike their commercial bank counterparts. Traditional banks usually don’t bother with small business loans, so microlenders step in and help entrepreneurs. 

Microloans also require less documentation than traditional bank loans. 

Get Your Business Up and Running Today

Getting startup money for your new business venture can be stressful and worrisome. The good news is that there are several options available. You just need to way your options and find the best solution for your needs.

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