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Online Fashion Store

How to Step Up Your Digital Fashion Marketing and Management

Online Fashion Store

Ready to take your fashion marketing and management to the next level online?


Maybe you’re already posting on Instagram and working to grow your followers on Twitter, but haven’t seen any real success.


Without a real strategy in place, your digital marketing efforts will fail. Planning is the key.


To help you get started, here are our top five tips to step up your digital fashion marketing and management today!

1. Crush It on Social Media

With fashion being a highly visual industry, social media is a great place to start building your brand.


Post consistently and measure what types of content your audience engages with.


To manage your posting schedule more easily, use a social media tool like HootSuite or Buffer.

2. Optimize Your Online Store

Whether your online store is embedded on your website, or it’s a standalone Shopify or Etsy store, it needs search engine love. This is where SEO comes in handy.


Also, make sure that you have the proper tracking pixels installed on your sales pages and thank you pages.


Integrate your online store with an email autoresponder, such as MailChimp or Activecampaign.


This way, you can set up robust email marketing campaigns and automatic follow-ups.

3. Embrace Digital Advertising

As powerful as social media can be for building a brand and a passionate following, it does have its shortcomings.


Organic reach on platforms like Instagram and Facebook has been on a steady decline over the past few years.


Embracing paid traffic through Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords is an incredible way to quickly reach a larger audience. Plus, it’s cost-effective since you’ll target the people who are most likely to buy.


4. Make Your Content Irresistible

The fashion industry and digital marketing have something in common: they are both always evolving!


If you have a blog or a YouTube channel, use these platforms to create content that highlights the trends and changes in fashion over time.


Create content that speaks directly to your target audience. For example, if you’re blogging to an audience in the Netherlands, you could attempt to rank for the keyword “een trendy pochette“.


Regular blogging paired with some solid SEO strategies will ensure that your content marketing earns you a higher rank with Google!

5. Create a Value Ladder

Last but not least, a value ladder is a great way to set up a pricing structure that allows you to reach prospects at varying levels in the customer journey.


For example, you could create a Free Plus Shipping offer for a small fashion product, such as jewelry, to get people into the door.


From there, you can upsell these customers with special deals, discounts on higher ticket items, and consistent follow-up messages.

Ramp Up Your Fashion Marketing and Management Online

These tips are just the beginning when it comes to stepping up your fashion marketing and management online.


Which of these tactics could you implement first in your fashion business?


Have you seen success with other digital marketing strategies that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!


Looking for more inspiration for your fashion marketing and website design? Our blog has got you covered!

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