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Wordpress Plugins of 2018

The Best WordPress Plugins of 2018

WordPress plugins are what you need to make your website as functional as possible. There are so many to choose from and many of them do the same thing.

How do you wade through the 55,644 plugin options to find the ones that work best?

Luckily, there are people who have already done that legwork for you.

WordPress plugins can help boost your SEO, bringing more eyes to your site. That’s why choosing to install the right plugins is so important.

Make sure that your WordPress site is up to date and on par with the competition by checking out and utilizing the best WordPress plugins of 2018!


The Jetpack (Freemium) plugin is widely regarded as a must-have plugin. It takes covers a variety of different website necessities.

That includes site states, image optimization, security, and more. If your site is brand new, this plugin will take care of a lot of the basics.

Yoast SEO

Don’t know much about SEO? Then Yoast is the plugin you need. It walks you through all the basics of search engine optimization.

This plugin will guide you towards creating better content through keywords and page analysis. Your page ranking will be improving in no time.

Google XML Sitemaps

The Google XML Sitemap free plugin will also help improve your search ranking. It does this by helping Google, Yahoo, and other search engines better index your site.

It does this by automatically creating an XML sitemap for your website. This makes it more efficient for search engines to find your content.

BJ Lazy Load

Sites that load too slowly frustrate users. They end up leaving your site sooner, which can eventually hurt your search ranking.

The BJ Lazy Load plugin will help solve that for you. Instead of having all the content and media load right away, it takes the “lazy” approach.

It replaces this media with a placeholder. Then it waits until the user is scrolling over it to display the image. That makes browsing a lot faster and user-friendly.

Broken Link Checker

Making sure you don’t have any broken links on your site should always be on your SEO checklist.

If people click on an old link and it doesn’t work, that minimizes your site’s user-friendliness. Over time, that will end up tanking your search ranking.

Routinely checking broken links manually isn’t possible. Instead, have the Broken Link Checker automatically do it for you. If it finds a broken link or missing image, it will notify you immediately.

Everest Forms

Every website needs a “Contact” page. The Everest Forms plugins allow you to make easy to use and comprehensive contact forms.

You can create basic contact forms or advanced ones. Your contact forms can have a checklist, multiple columns, drop-down menus, and more.

These are the Best WordPress Plugins of 2018

No matter what your website is for, these are the best WordPress plugins every site needs. They will keep your page running smoothly and can boost your page views.

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