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Top 10 Cyber Marketing Trends in the Food Industry

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What if simple changes to your marketing helped you reach an entirely new audience?


Traditional marketing remains important. However, cyber marketing is now the most important way to attract new customers to your food product.


Read on to discover more about how your marketing techniques need to adapt, so your business can thrive.

What Is Cyber Marketing?

Cyber marketing may sound like one thing, but it actually covers several different marketing techniques. All of them involve using the internet to sell and promote products.


Ideally, you will advertise your product through several different cyber channels. This includes your website, official social media pages, email campaigns, etc.


You can also pair your online marketing efforts with good CRM software. This lets you collect valuable data to help improve your online marketing efforts.


Read on to discover ten hot online marketing trends in the food industry!

1. Special Promotions

Sometimes, you can turn traditional marketing techniques into online marketing techniques. That is the case when it comes to offering special promotions.


Customers love to receive coupons and other special offers. It gives them an incentive to buy your product.


Try to offer special promotions in a variety of ways. This can include offering special coupons through things like your Facebook page. You can also deliver deals to customers’ cell phones through text message marketing services.

2. Create Entertaining Content

Customers love a fun distraction. This is even truer when they are enjoying food!


Consider creating entertaining content. This may range from short, humorous advertisements to fake mockumentaries about life in food production.


The idea is to create entertaining content that goes viral. If you succeed, amused customers will share your content with others, creating powerful word-of-mouth advertising.

3. Create Useful Content

Not all of the content your company creates needs to be highly entertaining. Customers also crave content they can put to immediate use.


One example would be to offer exciting new recipes. This shows customers some of the dynamic things they can create with the help of your food products.


Another useful bit of content would be a video about how to make your groceries last as long as possible. Customers will be grateful you are trying to save them money instead of getting them to buy as much product as possible!

4. Be Transparent

An emerging trend for consumers is that they enjoy increased transparency with the companies they buy from. This is most true for Millennial customers who prefer having companies that share their values.


You might spotlight the local businesses that your company relies on, or maybe highlight the organic nature of some of your food offerings. You might even play up the background and experience of some of your veteran workers.


However you do, let customers peek behind the curtain of how their favorite food is made. This rewards loyal customers while helping to create new ones.

5. Digital Ambassador

The internet is full of thousands of different communities. These communities band together because of their shared interests.


Good cyber marketing reaches out to the groups who value your products. An example would be reaching out and promoting your healthy snacks for kids to online parenting groups.

These groups will appreciate the direct advertising. And with any luck, they’ll start asking local grocery stores to carry your product!

6. Go Healthy

An increasing trend in recent years has been the consumer focus on healthier food. You can benefit from this by finding new ways to market and distribute your healthier food offerings.


A modern example of this is Healthy You Vending machines that allow you to distribute a large variety of healthy snacks. Healthy You Vending reviews show that the food selection and ability to pay with a debit or credit card helps these machines target a younger, health-conscious demographic.

7. Pictures With a Twist

The heart of food marketing is showing pictures of the food you sell. However, it can be difficult for your particular product to stand out in the marketplace.


Hire a professional photographer to take the most exciting possible shots of your food. Make sure they emphasize bright colors that will help the picture leap off of the screen.


These pictures should be as much like art as they are like advertisements. This gives your products lasting appeal for customers.

8. Involve the Community

Make sure your company involves itself in local charities and other community services. This is a powerful thing you can then incorporate into your cyber marketing.


This will naturally draw customers to your business, as they feel supporting you will support the area. And this buys positive word of mouth that amounts to free advertising for you.


Your advertising should also emphasize how wasteful rival companies are. This makes your business look like the most responsible choice for consumers.

9. Social Media Presence

It is more important than ever before that you have a social media presence. This is because Millennials and other consumers want to research companies they do business with.


This social media presence lets you quickly respond to consumer chat questions or online comments. This goes a long way towards showing how you care about your consumers on an individual level.

Try to turn your social media presence into a “one-stop shop.” Be sure to include things like addresses, phone numbers, coupons, and menus. Customers will be grateful that you made this so easy for them!

10. Online Ordering

Whatever your food business, you can increase sales by adding eCommerce options.

For stores, this might mean allowing customers to order online and shipping the product directly to their home. For restaurants, this may mean allowing customers to reserve seats or order meals ahead of time on your website.


Online sales are more popular than ever. This is your chance to be a part of that!

The Bottom Line

Cyber marketing is the most important form of marketing a modern company. Fortunately, you don’t have to transform your marketing techniques on your own.


At Designs Rock, we are experts in all aspects of design and marketing. To see how you can revolutionize your online marketing, come check out some design inspirations today!


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