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Top 5 tips to engage your audience with graphic recording

In order to create a better brand engagement, you need to use your graphic recordings properly so that it is able to generate leads. Graphic records are engaging visual records, but you would need to display them in such a way that they are hooked to people’s minds and can lead to long-term commitments.

Why are Graphic Recordings so engaging?

Graphic Recordings combine pictures, videos, infographics, and take visual content to a new level so that people can relate to it. It has been found that people are able to recall information when it is presented in the form of visuals rather than mundane text and points.

To create engaging visual content, graphic recorders listen to crucial ideas in conservation, and with these verbal cues, they try to identify the primary ideas and use them through drawings. It’s a very important technique as these graphic recordings can capture the essence of long presentations in a short amount of time.

Graphic recordings through memorable pictures and words give content marketers an engaging way to attract and retain their audience.

Following are some of the ways where graphic recording engages audience. Let’s go through them one by one.

  • Using Images in Other Materials: Some specific images in the graphic records can be used separately in reports, brochures, websites. Since graphic recordings are engaging content, they can add an exciting element to information-rich reports and websites, thereby connecting more with the stakeholders.
  • Public Display: Many organizations try to display their graphic recordings in hallways. Laminating such graphic recording ensures that there is no wrinkling, fading, etc. Using graphic recording on a foam core is also a really impressive way for public display.
  • Prezi Presentations: One of the dynamic ways to engage your audience with graphic recordings is Prezi presentations, as it helps to walk your audience through the graphic recordings. With this, you can also add text, photo videos to the graphic recordings. This can be shared with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • White-Board Animation: Videos are one of the most engaging ways to cater to an online audience. Through a whiteboard animation, you can explain these graphic recordings in a simple yet engaging format. Each concept is properly drawn out with a voice-over that makes things interesting to the audience.
  • Alternative to Power-Point Presentations: Most board meetings and webinars use PowerPoint presentation format with bullets and dull pictures. With a graphic recording, you can draw the interest of your audience since it is much more engaging and interactive, helping your audience to connect more.

Summing Up

These are some of the tips by which you can engage your audience with graphic recording. Today most organizations over the world are using graphic recording like ad agencies, educators, start-ups, nonprofit organizations, etc. Sometimes when you are working internationally, language can become a barrier, and this gap is bridged by graphic recordings, which becomes a visual language through which people can connect to.

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