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Top 7 Mobile Application Templates of 2018

The mobile phone industry is swamped with a massive range of mobile applications for just about any aspect of our lives. There are apps for everything from health and fitness to public transportation timetables.


In fact, how many times have you heard someone say, “There is an app for that” whenever you’re searching Google for a solution to your problems?


If you’re a UI designer, you’ll know that mobile ux design principles are just as important as important as the apps themselves. And that creating an app takes a lot of effort, patience and sleepless nights.


Fortunately, there are heaps of excellent mobile app templates available to help UX/UI designers like you create eye-catching and well-built mobile apps.


Let us give you our top 7 list of the best mobile app design templates of 2018.


1. The City – Place App

The City – Place App1 The City – Place App2 The City – Place App3

The City is a location app developed for Android OS. It shows users interesting places from where they are currently. This app is perfect for both tourists and guides alike.


The City is fully native language, making it run smoothly without a hitch. Another plus is that the template allows the app to work in offline mode because you’ll be storing data in local SQL database.


The template supports major app capabilities for the most immersive user experience. There are functionalities for user login, ratings and reviews of places, distance sorting, to name a few. The template likewise allows referrals to booking websites for customer convenience.


For users who are into blogging, the template also includes an optional Blog, which can be customized on the admin page.


2. Quizix V3

Quizix V3 3 Quizix V3 2 Quizix V31

Looking to create a functional quiz app that supports Android tablets & mobiles?


Check out Quizix V3, an android quiz app with a single photo question with up to four answer options.


What’s great about this template is that designers can simply add their category/sub-category questions from the backend and all the remaining tasks will be completed by the app.


The application is developed in native language and uses the best features of Android platform for top-notch user experience.


3. MStore Pro

MStore Pro


If you are thinking of building a good quality, high-traffic e-commerce app from scratch, then MStore is the best UI/UX template for you.

MStore is developed for both Apple IOS and Android OS and has a range of ready-to-use templates for creating a functional and easy to navigate E-Commerce store. It supports WooCommerce and lets you convert websites to mobile versions easily.

The template provides the ultimate mobile app user experience with its clean app code and easy to use functionalities.


4. Universal for IOS

Universal for IOS

Universal’s unique concept makes it one of the top app templates for ios for 2018. It is a multi-purpose template designed for creating apps for almost anything.


What it lets users do is take content from all over the web and quickly integrate it into one customizable application. Moreover, it supports embedded media from most web resources such as WordPress, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Furthermore, Universal also comes with built-in features such as Admob, Notifications, Autolayout, and Free Updates for monetization and convenience.


The easy-to-use template is suitable for both beginners and UI professionals and is also available on Android.


5. Space


Space is a mobile app template that allows users to organize life more efficiently through user personalization for information such as traffic and weather updates; and even customizable alarm sounds to suit different preference of users.

The template features an illustration style UI with animated buttons and attractive high- resolution photos.

In addition to this, Space boasts of a beautiful, blue background that is pleasing to the eyes and allows for a convenient, comfortable user experience.

Finally, functional interfaces such as Daily services, mood calendar, voice diary, etc. makes organizing fun and hassle-free.

It is the perfect design inspiration for UI/UX designers looking for cool, appealing, and functional mobile design apps.


6. Recipes


An app that lets users organize their favorite recipes by categories using icons and images and share them with the world.


If you want to build your first social recipe app, then this is the perfect template for you to start working on your layout.


The clean and simple code allows designers to create an attractive Recipe App with link sharing, search functions, including capabilities for Push Notifications, In-App purchases, shopping list and so much more.


The app supports Android 4.0+.



7. ionWordpress


ionWordpress app lets users grab the contents of their WordPress site and put it on the app.It is one of the most popular Android mobile app templates for 2018.


It is supported by the Ionic Framework, an open source front-end development tool for mobile apps focusing on the UI properties of an app such as its physical and interactive qualities.


ionWordpress is perfect for designers who are still building their design portfolios and looking for beautiful but easy to use mobile app templates. In fact, it is mobile app ready and includes major components such as plugins and examples for easy customization.


It is also SASS supported and its component is well organised for ultimate flexibility and customizability.


Whether you’re a design newbie or a long-time UI/UX professional, you will agree that building an app from scratch is not a job that can be done in just 24 hours. It is complicated and requires a lot of time and effort for it to be executed properly.


What’s more, fireart.studio also agrees that mobile app UIs do have a significant effect on user experience and the success of your design will depend on how useful and enjoyable it is for users.


Hopefully, the samples we provided were able to inspire you to create amazing mobile design apps that have the potential to make it big in the future. Just remember that mobile apps are not hard to find but the ones with excellent UX/UI designs are.


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