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Web Design Ideas to Drive Traffic

Get More Site Traffic In 2019! Web Design Ideas to Drive Traffic & Boost Your Digital Marketing Power

Did you know that your website design has a lot of influence over your business? That’s one reason why you want to have a look at these web design ideas.

Your website’s design determines how people perceive your company and whether or not they do business with you. Your site’s design will also influence your business’s ability to capture leads. All of this happens in the first few seconds of someone visiting your site.

If you want to up your digital marketing game, you have to start with a solid foundation. That foundation is your website.

Read on for the top web design tips to help you get more traffic and convert that traffic into leads and sales.

Realize the True Power of Your Website

Too many business owners put up a website and expect people to find it and call. That’s not a realistic expectation, no matter how much you dream.

The reality is that you’re competing against hundreds of other businesses and website in your local area, more if you are an online-only business.

Your website is more than a brochure. It’s a tool to create a positive first impression and establish a relationship with potential customers. It’s a lead generation and sales tool.

Once you see your website in that light, the game and your site’s design can completely change.

The One Action

You can be working way too hard to generate minimal traffic. You might find that traffic just goes away. It doesn’t turn into phone calls for your business.

To turn your site into a sales and lead generation tool, your site has to be built around one action. Ideally, you’d want them to buy something. First-time visitors won’t buy something unless it’s a very low-priced item and it’s an impulse purchase.

If your business doesn’t fall into this category, you’re better off getting them to sign up to your email list. You can offer something like a whitepaper or ebook that solves a problem that they have.

Analyze Current Traffic Trends

You want to see what’s currently working on your site before you start tweaking your design.

Start by looking at your traffic sources. That will tell you exactly how people are using your site. For example, if you get the majority of traffic from Pinterest, they may look at a blog post, and leave.

They’ll come back to your site if you continue to offer quality content. After a few visits, they’ll sign up for your newsletter.

Someone coming from organic search tends to be a higher quality visitor. They’re looking to solve a very specific problem or they’re looking for your product or service. They tend to view more pages and have a higher conversion rate.

You’ll also want to see what devices they use to experience your site. Most people are using mobile devices to look for information or browse the internet.

This is important to note because your website’s design needs to be responsive to different devices. You also want to be sure that it’s fast to download and it’s not cluttered with images.

Make Your Site Faster to Increase Traffic

Did you know that you’ll lose over half of your site’s traffic if it takes more than three seconds to load? Most of those people will not return to your site, either.

Fortunately, you can make some adjustments to your site’s design to ensure that doesn’t happen to you. Start by running speed tests on Google, Pingdom, and GT Metrix.

These testing tools will give you a sense as to what’s happening with your site. One common issue is that images need to be compressed into smaller file sizes.

With WordPress sites, a simple caching plugin will solve most speed issues.

How Can Users Fall in Love with Your Site?

If you can answer this question, you have the golden ticket to an incredible online business. The web design ideas that focus on the user experience will always outweigh everything else.

Are your site’s users mostly on mobile devices? Then ask yourself if your site’s content is easy to read and whether or not your site is easy to navigate.

Sites with a blog also want to be sure that there’s quality content that solves a particular issue for a user.

Look at your site from an objective point of view. If you were visiting the site for the first time, would you fall in love with it and keep coming back?

If the answer is no, what are the things that would get it to a yes? Those are the changes you want to focus on.

Boost SEO to Get More Traffic

Once you know for sure that you have a site design that users will love and is easy to use, you’re ready to start driving traffic to it.

The ideal way to do that is through organic search since it has a conversion rate of about 14%. That means that for every 100 visitors who come from SEO, 14 will convert into a lead.

Your site’s design is tied directly to search results. Google takes into account site speed and responsive design into account.

The algorithm also weighs things like the bounce rate and click through rate. If people just go to your site and leave, the lower your rankings will be.

There are also a couple of hundred other factors that Google uses to determine search results. You don’t need to master all of them, but you can consider outsourcing to an Idaho Falls SEO company.

Web Design Ideas to Get More Traffic

There’s a lot more to getting traffic to your site than merely putting up a website. You have to have a website design that gives a positive impression of your company.

Out of all of the web design ideas out there, you should always keep the user experience in mind. That’s how you’ll generate more traffic, along with an increase in leads and sales.

Ready for more web inspiration to get more traffic? Check out these tips for creating an SEO friendly blog.

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