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It’s About Design: Here Are 5 Web Design Tools to Help Soup up Your Site

You have less than 1 second to make a good impression on your site visitors. Two-thirds of people would rather spend their time reading beautifully designed content.

What does this mean for your website?

When people are uninterested in your site, you have a matter of seconds before you lose them. This leads to lower conversion rates.

With the myriad of design tools available today, reasons to leave your website plain are dwindling.

Keep reading for 5 design tools to help spruce up your site.


Sketch is a popular user interface design tool by Bohemian Coding. It is a vector based app that offers designers an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. The file sizes are smaller, which is a plus if you’ve ever had to transfer a .psd file.

You use artboards to work on the entire project from beginning to end. This ends your need to have several documents open at once. Your entire project is laid out before you to ensure continuity.

Sorry PCers, Sketch is exclusively for Mac Os. The license is $99 but you can get a free trial before your purchase.


Macaw offers designers the ability to create a website without the ability to code. This free software has an intuitive design that allows designers to jump right in. It takes your design and auto-generates code in HTML and CSS languages.

This software can be used as a way to mockup web design graphics to show your clients in a matter of hours. It uses the same flexibility as popular photo-editing programs with a front-end bonus.

Macaw is available for Mac and PC. Start here if you are considering building your own website. Entrepreneurs often wear many hats. Web designer and developer often show up to the party. To improve productivity as you build your business, check out this agency.

Affinity Designer

Affinity is a photo-editor software that gives all others a run for their money. At just $50 it is available for both Mac and PC.

It features common tools like cropping and the ability to add text to an image. Also, a user can do advanced skin retouching as well as put masking and layering to use. Customize graphics with compositing and edit elements out of photos.

Adobe XD

With everything that Adobe offers, the XD could very well stand for “Extreme Design”.  Some web developers might feel this way as their projects get underway.

Adobe XD stands for Experience Design. It is a user experience/user interface web design tool for websites and mobile apps. This software integrates with the rest of the Creative Cloud. It’s a drawing tool that allows you to work through artboards and share projects among users.

Adobe XD is available for both Mac and PC users. Adobe offers an array of web development software. Dreamweaver, Muse, and XD are a few of their best web development tools for front-end designers.

Pictaculous and Other Design Tools

Pictaculous is one of many online color palette generators. With a click of a button, you can create an appealing color scheme for your clients’ brand.  MyColor.space and Coolors.com are two others that streamline your color matching process.

Each click generates a match based on color theory.

Textures.com and Subtle Patterns are tools that also help with the aesthetics of site design. These sites include free textures that users can download for use in their designs.

The World Is Web Page

Whether you are a solo-prenuer, a newbie, or a seasoned designer, these design tools with speed your workflow. Each is designed to fit seamlessly into your process to help you create beautiful web pages.

The best choice for you will depend on your budget and your platform.

Web development is often a multi-person job. Looking to bring a web designer on the team? Check this out before you choose.

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