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What Will The Most In Demand Careers Be In 2020 And Beyond?

Certain jobs are guaranteed to keep you riding the crest of the employment wave for the next ten years at least. Statistics show that even though graduates are currently able to fill these job vacancies, the demand for them will probably continue to grow exponentially in the next few years.


Here’s a list of the most in-demand careers for 2020 and beyond—and by in demand, we mean there is a significantly large section of public and private enterprises who need staff with these qualifications.


Nursing and Aged Care

Because we are living longer and having more operations to extend our lives, the demand for nurses, health aides, and aged care providers will continue to rise. The spectrum of frail care facilities, dementia wards, and retirement homes is growing every year. Every one of these businesses needs staff to dispense medicine, provide hygiene and feeding services, and entertain the elderly.

This is currently one of the worst industries for minimum wage and labor policy abuses. It also, unfortunately, has a bad track record for poorly trained staff. The regulation of this business sector by CCTV watchdogs and stricter hiring control is ongoing. If you enter this career with a nursing diploma or some other medical training, such as health and safety, you will be a highly-valued employee who can rise into administration or be in a supervisory position within your first ten years.


This is one career that is not ever going to retreat from the highly in-demand lists. In fact, all of the STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math + Medicine) careers will carry on being the cream of the job crops. Coding has many different off-shoots and variations. If you ever get tired of one sector, you can always go and code for another branch.

If you are interested in studying the video game design curriculum a bit more or have any other queries about coding as a career, more information can be found online.

Freight, Stock, and Material Delivery/Courier

This might not seem like a very glamorous job, but for every item that is ordered online, a courier service provider has to deliver it. For every home delivery meal that is ordered online or by phone, a delivery person has to take it there. For every load, haulage, bulk order, or shipping container that has to get somewhere, humans are set to do it for the next ten or twenty years at least.

Getting stuff from place to place is an important job and the backbone of the economy. Whatever you do, don’t get the above positions confused with any of the ones on the list below:

  • Farm manager
  • Postal worker
  • Sewing machine operator
  • Switchboard operator
  • Fast food server
  • Data capture, typist

The reason why the jobs in this mini-list are disappearing is obvious to anyone who has been paying attention. Mega-farm conglomerates, AI, and health and wellness are not going away any time soon, so these jobs will.



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