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Why Organic Traffic Is Important For Your Business

While it is nice to get traffic to your website from social networks and paid advertising, it’s still not a good idea to neglect your organic traffic. With easy access to AdWords and social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it might be simpler to think that a business no longer lives or dies by its Google rank.

If you want to be smart about the digital planning of your business profile, you must consider diversifying into an intense search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Here are the top reasons why this is the most beneficial thing you can do for your business.

Organic Traffic is Still Number One

Organic traffic via SEO is still the best way to deliver relevant traffic to your business website. The only channel that comes close to performing at the same level is paid search ads. Even then, this form of ads only accounts for 10 percent of the overall total traffic your site experiences, and this is in the form of conversions.

When it comes to organic search engine traffic, 73 percent of all the traffic a business receives is derived from this source. In addition to this, statistics show that users never go beyond the first page of a search in 98 percent of the time. When they do click on a site link, around 50 percent of users expect the page to load in less than two seconds. These statistics indicate how important high-quality SEO is to your business.

Social Media Platforms are Extremely Limiting

You may be getting a large proportion of traffic from your social media feeds, but this is not a good indication of how well your site is performing. When you rely on these platforms for traffic, you are at the mercy of how they select or segment their algorithm. If they decide to remove affiliate links, for example, you are not going to be able to replace it with something else immediately, and your traffic will drop.

If you think that this is all too much to take in and want a professional opinion on how to boost the organic traffic to your site, Clicks From Search is here to help.


Traffic Generators vs. Long-Term Customer Loyalty

Paid ads and social networks do generate traffic, but they don’t create long-term customers. The bounce rate from social media is high. The number of pages visited is low in comparison to other traffic feeds.

Think of it like this: If you come from a Facebook feed, you are likely to view one page and then click off. This is displayed in the statistics that show a maximum of 1.2 pages per session. Social media traffic is geared for article visits. It’s not the way to channel and promote customer loyalty.

Organic traffic means that your business may be present in a variety of searches. If you cultivate your website to have the optimum number of keywords, users will consistently find you. This leads to other leads such as word of mouth, brand recognition, and customer loyalty.


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