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Why Your eCommerce Store Needs a Blog

An ecommerce store without a blog is like a singer who refuses to record or perform in public. You might something wonderful to share, but very few people will become aware of it. A proven method of attracting traffic to ecommerce ventures, your ecommerce store needs a blog—period.


However, generating traffic is only one of the benefits to be derived from maintaining a lively blogging presence. There are SEO advantages, opportunities to add value for your customers, showcase your personality and the potential for building a community—all of which will directly benefit the revenue performance of your ecommerce business.


SEO Advantages

Unless you’re adding new products to your ecommerce site every day, odds are your product pages aren’t going to change very often. Meanwhile, the regular addition of new content is one of the factors attracting web crawlers. Blogging and updating on at least a daily basis keeps your site on the “must crawl” list. What’s more, all of that fresh content improves your chances of earning organic search rankings.


Value Added

If you sell travel-oriented merchandise and write blog entries detailing how various products enhance trips—all while providing tips for getting the most out of them—people interested in those products will want to know what you have to say. Similarly, any useful content developed around your products will help your customers get more for their money. This willingness to educate, when properly framed, can set you apart in the minds of your shoppers. Taking advantage of this also gives you more space to elaborate on the benefits of your product than you’ll have in its description on the sales site. The key is to deliver the content in a service-oriented fashion, rather than a sales fashion.


Expressing Your Voice

One of the most critical aspects of being successful in ecommerce is figuring out who your ideal customer is and catering all of your efforts to that person. In addition to stocking your store with products and offering services that person will appreciate, you should also communicate in the same language that person uses in their day-to-day interactions. This becomes the voice of your site and should extend to your blog.


If you’re selling mountaineering gear to millennials, you’re going to have a completely different style than if you’re selling cosmetics to teen-aged girls. That voice should be readily apparent on all customer-facing platforms. It should also be reflected in the look of your site and the logo you use to represent your business. By the way, if you have yet to get one, you can design a free logo using one of the many online logo generators.


Community Building

Blogging also entices readers to become fans and gives them a “water cooler” around which to gather to share ideas and relate their experiences. In so doing, they develop a sense of belonging and loyalty—both to one another and your store. Blog posts centered on popular questions generate comments and discussions. Further, they demonstrate you care about the people who buy from you as more than just contributors to your paycheck. It also says you care about their lives and their lots as human beings.


These are just four of the reasons why your ecommerce store needs a blog. Another key reason is a blog helps you establish credibility. People like to believe they’re doing business with good and sincere entities. Your blog gives your customer base an insight into who you are, what you value and most importantly how much you care.


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