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WordPress Premium Upgrades Explained

WordPress is a super sweet piece of software — and it’s even sweeter since it’s free to use. But did you know you were missing out on a ton of stuff you didn’t know WordPress had?

That’s right.WordPress Premium offers you special features and abilities that the basic version doesn’t have, and gives you so much more freedom over your site.

“But what are those special features?” you ask (good question, by the way).

Truth be told, there are a ton of unique options to choose from, but we’ve listed the five best ones that will make your business soar. Read on to find out more.

WordPress Premium Themes

Everybody loves themes, especially if they’re fully customizable!

Anyone who’s used the basic version of WordPress knows that you have a ton of free themes that you can already choose from. These same people also know that these themes are used by literally every other country.

Having the WordPress upgrade gives you instant access to a wide array of premium themes, which can help your company out in a number of ways.

Premium themes are a huge plus because their aesthetics set you apart from the rest of the competition. They also offer a much better user experience for your visitors, so users will be more likely to buy from your site.

Having access to premium themes also allows you to have more tools and features at your disposal, so you can customize the site to your exact specifications.

Upload Videos in HD

This is a huge step up for those who used the basic version of WordPress.

Adding HD videos to your site is a thing with WordPress premium plans, so your clients can watch all of your videos in the highest quality. This service is called VideoPress, and it’s exclusive to WordPress.

Not only do you get awesome video quality, but you don’t have to worry about advertisements in your video, unnecessary watermarks, or any branding like you would have with the basic version.

Intuitive User Interface

If you’re one of those people who aren’t really tech savvy, you will have a world of trouble trying to build your site unless you know about computer programs like PHP, CSS, or HTML.

With the premium features, the user interface is designed with functionality at the forefront. Premium theme shops pack their products with intuitive UIs, so modifying and changing around a site is a breeze.

A Web Hosting Service

We get it. Most startups are a little short on cash, and the best option is the cheapest one. However, as you gain popularity, that’ll change.

When you get more traffic to your website, you’ll need a hosting service to help you better manage your site. An advanced hosting site will increase your site speed and help it run smoothly, so having one will bring nothing but benefits.

Problem is, it can be difficult knowing which web host to choose from.

With the WordPress Premium features, you don’t have to. WordPress Premium comes with WP Engine, a hosting service made specifically by WordPress, for WordPress.

With WP Engine you get powerful web hosting features without the hassle of looking for a host, and it’s already included when you get the premium upgrade.

Backup Plugins are a Go

If you don’t believe in the importance of a good backup plugin, you probably shouldn’t be running a site.

Backup plugins are essential to the success of your business. You never know when your site may experience issues like hackers, viruses, or technical glitches, and if you don’t back up your site it could cost you everything.

VaultPress, a plugin by Automattic, works hand in hand with the WordPress premium features. It automatically backs up your site on a regular basis and keeps the history of all its backups that you can access whenever you need them.

A feature like this is not something you should miss out on.

Let’s Get Tech Savvy

As you can see, WordPress Premium is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on. Check out our site to see what else you’re missing out on in the technological world.

We offer WordPress tips, browser tools, and web development ideas, and so much more.

Got something you think we missed? Why not let us know? We’d love to hear from you!


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